Make ornaments and reuse the bits

Lego ornaments on a flat Christmas tree!

Lego ornaments hanging on a tinsel tree adding Christmas cheer to the kitchen!

I just found some instructions for making some really cool Christmas ornaments – made out of Lego!

They are even ‘green’ ornaments as you can pull them apart in January and use the bits many times before recreating ornaments next Christmas if you wanted to.

So check out these Lego ornaments instructions and have some fun decorating your house this Christmas! Great entertainment for the kids and the whole family could work together on these – or maybe have friendly competitions to see who can make the most, the biggest, the most colourful, the hardest shape, the most…


Just loving that I found these!



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  • Santa's Elf says:

    Thanks Jess and Sam for that link – they are great looking ornaments and I could see lots of people having so much fun making them! If you try them, let us know how you go!

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  • Metarex says:

    The ornaments look amazing and I bet it would be a great way for families to get together. They’ll have fun making them and decorate their tree at the same time. It’s definitely crafty. I would love to get some myself. They can also be convinent Christmas gifts to give to others.

  • TabithaW says:

    We make ornaments every year as a family. It’s an easy and inexpensive way for the kids to be involved in gift giving. These look great. We will give them a try this year. Thank you for the link!

  • ACSAPA says:

    That’s a really cute idea and I could see how it would be “green” and a space saver. But it’s not for me because I like ornaments that are pretty and elegant, and made of glass. I could totally see these Lego ornaments in a boy’s room. They are cool, but just not my style.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      There’s nothing wrong with knowing your style and using it, ACSAPA 🙂

      I haven’t seen lego ornaments on a tree before so it would be a very different look. I could see me making lego ornaments and hanging them in my kids’ rooms for fun during December though 🙂

  • ACSAPA says:

    Has anyone tried making decoupage ornaments? Sometimes I look at the glass ball ornaments on sale for 75% off and think “I wonder how it would look if I used Mod Podge to decoupage some sheet music or pictures of Victorian angels on those glass spheres.” A cute idea I saw on Pinterest was spray painting pine cones in pretty colors and hanging them on the tree or arranging them in a decorative glass bowl. So if you were doing a silver and blue Christmas, you could spray paint the pine cones silver and blue and make a stylish arrangement in a pretty glass container.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Pine cones, absolutely. My kids have doen a few variations on that at kinder/school – one I have goes on the mantlepiece each year which is painted blue with a chain of silver beads glued on. Another my girls gave as grandparents gifts had little farbic lumps (for what of a better term!) stuck in the gaps of the cone – the frabic looks pretty and you can put dried herbs in the lumps for a nice scent ball.

      Why not try making some decorated balls for yourself? I think I have even seen craft kits helping you do this (may be plastic balls but that’s a starting point if you really want glass ones). I haven’t done these myself but will keep an eye out for any instructions on them and let you know 🙂

  • Miranda1127 says:

    Oh, wow. What a wonderful idea. I would have never thought to use leggos. We make our own every year too. And I LOVE green ornaments. They are usually so cheap and so much fun to craft. If only I could design something other than a square or rectangle with leggos.

  • pocs says:

    My daughter taught me a craft.. It does require thichest gloves. She cuts aluminum cans in half, removes the tops and bottoms and washes the strip of aluminum. She uses either strong kitchen shears or tin cutters and cuts out stars and snowflakes. Attaches them together and holds them together with a rivet keeping the painted side of the can hidden. End result is a beautiful shiny ornament that casts off the twinkles of your tree lights.

  • pocs says:

    Yes, I have been green long before it was actual term used today. Who would have thought years ago what I called my garbage art would be a trend and now called green. The world is a funny place.

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