All I want for Christmas…

I now think the song “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” is funny but there was a time I hated it πŸ™‚

missing two front teethI think I was 8 when I lost both my front teeth a week or so before Christmas. Everyone around me thought it was hilarious to sing the chorus to me at least 10 times a day – me, not so much.

Even Santa got in on it as he left me some lolly teeth in my stocking – mind you, not the normal lolly teeth (ie a full upper or lower set) but full gums with just the two middle teeth in place…

Hated it and the family jokes. But 2 years ago, my son lost one of his front teeth (in winter mind you!) and the song was the first thing that came to mind. He only heard it 3 or 4 times though – I think πŸ™‚

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  • Santa's Elf says:

    That’s a great story, Mindy – thanks for sharing. I love how Santa joined in and gave you some specific lolly teeth, too πŸ™‚ Santa must ahve known he’d get away with that sort of joke in your house!

  • beyre says:

    I agree, great story. Funny, there are many who have gone through a similar experience and they thoroughly HATE that song because of it LOL. The collection of groans heard around the world every time it comes on the radio. hehehe

    Thankfully, I have never experienced anything of that nature. I tend to be a tad short-tempered when someone does a joke or such over and over ad nauseum. *grins*

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Just as well you didn’t lose any teeth in Decemebr, then, Beyre πŸ™‚ Or maybe your parents just knew better than to play that joke over and over…

  • GigBiz says:

    Haha, I’ve always loved that song (and those teeth lollies!).

    I don’t really remember much about my childhood I’m sad to say, but I do remember the agony of losing baby teeth, and the impatience I had waiting for my ‘big boy teeth’ to grow in! πŸ˜›

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Wow, you remember the pain of loosing teeth? I don’t know if I had painfree experiences or just wiped them out but I have no memory at all of losing my baby teeth – I do rememerb wanting adult teeth so I was grown up though πŸ™‚ I do remember my brother dramatically losing one tooth into an ice-cream cone at his birthday party though – it was funny (for all but my brother & mother anyway!)

  • tulosai says:

    Aw. My mom used to sing this song every question. She would get really into it and do the lisp and everything. This is one of my favorite childhood memories- thanks for bringing it to mind πŸ™‚ My parents still play it when my brother and I come home for the holidays.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      I love that – your Mum singing with a lisp and still singing it to her grown children πŸ™‚ Big smile on my face now – thanks, tulosai πŸ™‚

  • tajnz says:

    Thanks for sharing that story Mindy! I know I would have been mortified too if I was in your shoes. I remember that song always scared me as a child as I worried that by singing it or thinking about it my front teeth might fall out. Crazy I know!

  • Metarex says:

    Thanks for the story though I would probably be upset too. At least it was an interesting experience and you can share it with your son. πŸ™‚ Never heard the song before so I can assume how it got its origins.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      You’ve got me curious now, too, Metarex, about the origins of that song! I assume it ws a parent of a young child, but will have to see if I can find the story now!

  • youtubedomination says:

    Aha, thanks for sharing the story. I can definitely see my six-year old getting upset over this. My favorite Christmas song would have to be ‘Santa on the Housetop’.

  • streakanime says:

    Awe, such a cute story. I always used to like putting “Surprise” on my Christmas list when I was smaller. I enjoyed getting surprised with what I got for Christmas over knowing and expecting what I was going to get. My siblings tend to do the same thing. Surprises are fun. πŸ™‚

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Yes, I struggle with everyone knowing what Christmas gifts they’re getting. The extended family on my Mum’s side does a Kris Kringle and everyone openly discusses what they want and usually knows what they’re getting (and often it is vouchers) – I get that people want to give something that will be valued but taking out the surprise takes out a lot of the fun and magic for me.

      I work hard to ensure most of my kids’ gifts (including from grandparents, etc) are a surprise and rarely ask my parents etc what they want…

  • ACSAPA says:

    That’s an adorable story. I thought my daughter was the only one who had a couple of awkward Christmas family photos with big smiles and missing baby teeth.
    For some reason all her goofy childhood photos with missing teeth and her attempts to cut her own hair seem really precious and sweet to me now that she’s a teenager.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Oh, yes there’s not so much cute and adorable about teenagers, is there? I mean they have their strengthes but they are not those cute little people they once were πŸ™‚ I was horrified the time my daughter cut her hair in class, but look bakc on it fondly now , lol!

  • Laura says:

    Oh no even Santa join them? He should have punished them in fact. Bad bad Santa.

    Mouahaha Cute story.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Maybe Mindy got the lolly teeth and her family got nothing as ‘punishment’, Laura πŸ™‚ Or Santa just thought it was a bit of fun that family would appreciate, lol!

  • StacyLynn says:

    What a great story! I imagine that you were tired of hearing that song. I think my family wouldn’t let it go if someone were missing their two front teeth at Christmas time. I’ll have to keep this in mind should one of my kids ever be in this situation.

  • streakanime says:

    Haha… I would be lying if I said I enjoyed watching my older siblings open presents as much as my younger siblings. There is just something about the shimmer in a little kid’s eye when they open a present. Makes me all tingly inside. πŸ˜€

    What ages do you guys think kids are the cutest when they are opening presents. I’m not sure that all 1-2 year olds completely understand the concept of opening presents. I think when they are 4-7 they are usually the most adorable. They tend to be really cute as long as they are still believing in Santa.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      The excitement and belief in those little eyes is a real pleasure to watch, I agree, streakanime.

      I think 3 – 4 year olds are fun to watch – they have just figured out what’s going on and an in awe of the whole process. But any age that is excited is fun to watch – my older kids get into it even more with their younger siblings so that makes them all special to watch, too.

  • pocs says:

    Hello fellow Christmas lovers, reading all your beautiful posts of memories triggered a memory of my own. When I was a child as far as I can remember my mother would take me and my sister to visit the Belks department store Christmas display windows the first Monday after thanksgiving. It was always the same a bus ride with 2 transfers, fighting the crowds to sneak a peek at the windows. Tomato soup and BLT’s at the Woolworth lunch counter. After our soup and sammy my mother would take me and my sister back to Belks and buy us a Christmas corsage that matched our coats. They were plastic, a bit big and as fake looking as you could find. As my sister and I got older we grew to dislike this tradition. We moved up north and to what we thought was our luck there were no Belks in the north. We were off the hook. I think I was about 13. Over the years I have forgotten this tradition, but today it all came back to me. Brought a smile to my face and a lump in my throat. We must have had 10 or 11 of these and never saved one. And I haven’t seen this in any stores over the years. What I would give to have one now. So thanks folks, for giving me the holiday spirit, in the heat of July!

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Bitter-sweet memories – glad we brought them back for you, pocs πŸ™‚ Its funny how something we thought was unattractive as kids and still do as adults has appeal that overcomes the appearance like those plastic corsages. I know the flowers were fake but the day together sounds really nice.

      You have reminded me of the Coles lunch counter in the city (Melbourne) now – its years since I’ve thought of that place and my Grandmother taking me there and spoiling my brother and I with an ice-cream or a cordial-like drink! Nothing related to Christmas, but a nice memory still πŸ™‚

  • gerkmeister says:

    That brings back great memories Mindy, though I don’t remember ever getting made fun of, probably because I was the oldest child, so I probably tormented my little brothers. I had that song on a 45 record and use to play it on my little close-n-play record player. I got pretty good at singing it in the chipmunk voice. I can still do that voice, by the way, and I’m 51 years old now.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      There’s a new Christmas tradition for you, gerkmeister – sing ‘all I want for Christmas’ in a chipmunk voice as dinenr is served πŸ™‚

  • chocbunny80 says:

    That is such a sweet story! I was also the brunt of a family joke about teeth (although not at Christmas). I lost my baby teeth quite late, and when I eventually lost my last one at the age of 14(!), my parents made me a certificate as a joke and gave me $1, even though the tooth fairy had long stop visiting me.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Cruel but funny, chocbunny80!

      Even if it’s annoying to be teased by our families like that, I think it is nice that they notice and care enough to acknowledge the change. And let’s face, loosing teeth is a big deal to kids so they are pelased people notice the gaps even when embarrassed by them!

  • pocs says:

    In my family if your teased alittle your not loved. We all tease and pick on one another in a fun way. Practical jokes are always underfoot. My son in law made a comment one time at a picnic that whenever he goes for a can of tuns he can never find one. So the next Christmas another daughter bought him a 5 pound can of tuna as a present. Somehow this turned out to be a family gift giving present, at one time or anther we have all been given the tuna as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present. Now the game is to disguise it or have it delivered in a unusual manner. Another son in law received it by a singing gorilla, who was there to sing him happy birthday. The fun never ends around my house. And I would never have it any other way.

  • allswl says:

    When I was little my mother used to sing this song for me. i did get my tooth back and song really cool presents n the process. I dont remember all the words if there are more words that the first line. I even sang it to my too sons when they were little.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      It’s a full song, allswl so yes there ar emore words – but I don’t know them either!

      Good to see this is a family tradition for you, lol! Did your sons like you singing it to them?

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