Christmas family reunions and gifts

pile of Christmas wrapped gifts

Cheerful wrapping and a nice gift make you feel good – and it’s up to the recipient how they react to your gift giving…

Well I guess we all have that one or maybe two relatives that we can’t stand but we have to put up with their presence every single time there is a family reunion!

Well, since Christmas is coming and my family already planned the whole thing out I was just wondering what could I buy for the two aunts that I deliberately dislike… I don’t know them very well but there’s one thing I know for sure – they love to criticize; so what could I do to please them?


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  • Santa's Letter Elf says:

    Hmmm, that can be tricky. It’s not just whether or not you like them, but getting gifts for people we don’t know we’ll can be really tricky. There’s also the easy out of a box of chocolates but if you what to make someone happy (always my aim in gift giving!) then a bit more effort is required to my mind.
    And personally I’d avoid deliberately unwanted gifts but it may suit you…

    Knowing your aunts even less than you do, Adela, I don’t have many suggestions for you – but a lot of sympathy as you go shopping!

    If they’re thrifty, maybe making them a cake or some biscuits would be appreciated.
    Maybe a book voucher along with some homemade bookmarks and ingredients for a mug of hot chocolate to drink as they read.
    If they’re practical ladies, maybe a kitchen pack (tea towels, wooden spoons, a measuring jug and some a hand lotion) or gardening set (gloves,secateurs, seeds and pretty soap) will work.
    A cheaper (but time consuming) option could be giving resources that are relevant to them, if you can think of soemthing.

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