Driving presents all day for Santa

There’s a lady in my area who collects toys and drives them to another place where the kids aint got much.Cheerful pile of Christmas presents

I think it’s about 8 hours each time she drives up there to give those kids stuff, which is a pretty long way to go, y’know? I guess Santa goes further but many people wouldn’t.

My kids have helped get stuff at their school – that’s how she gets most of the gifts I think, through schools and preschools near here.

Just thought I’d share this Christmas nice story. She is doing a good thing so this is my little thank you ‘cos I don’t do much meself.

Oh, and I found a paper article on the net about her, too.

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  • Juanita says:

    That’s a very nice thing for that teacher to do – I love this site for showing me how many wodnerful people are doing thgins to hel others ahve a great Christmas.
    Charlene, we can’t all do teh same things but you and your hcildren have contributed to thsoe children and now you’ve made a difference here by telling us about her.

  • Clauzetta says:

    I knew of a lady that would dress up as an elf and visit the homeless shelters to make sure the parents received toys for their children and to make sure the families had food for a Christmas dinner. She would be visiting homeless shelters til late in the evening on Christmas Eve. And with a big smile on her face and bells on her toes. She was such a jolly and caring Elf!

  • pafjlh says:

    What a nice story, this woman should be commended for all her hard work. Also, its a great way to teach kids in these schools that Christmas is about giving to others. I remember when my niece was younger I had her help me out when my work place got involved in helping out a family at Christmas time. Of course, the first thing she asked me was why wasn’t Santa helping them. I told her that Santa is a very busy man ,and needs all of us to step up and help those who are in more need then we are. She accepted this and gladly helped me out. Years have passed since this but its still a memory that stays with me.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Thank you for sharing that story, padjlh – it was lovely and I’m pleased it is a treasured memory for you (and hopefully your niece!) It’s true Santa is very busy and appreciates help where we can give it 🙂

  • GaryG says:

    I love hearing about wonderful people doing thoughtful things like this during the holiday. It’s so nice to know that people still into the spirit of the season. Thanks for sharing.

  • vida_llevares says:

    These are ordinary people with ordinary lives who are turned into real-life Santa Clauses. 🙂

    • Santa's Elf says:

      They sure are, Vida. What is heartening is to hear of so many stories – there is only one (real) Santa but he is not alone with his care for others and generosity, and I lvoe that!

  • vida_llevares says:

    To add, we should also strive to be a Santa Claus in our own simple way.

  • darkmeiji says:

    This reminds me of a joke we used to say. We ask how Santa can deliver gifts to all children in the world just on Christmas eve? The answer – time zones!

    Seriously, many of us thinks of giving gifts to poor children and some even go as far as donating them. But only few would drive 8 hours to give the gifts personally. Her gift is not only the toys, but her presence and her sacrifice – their own personal Santa. 🙂

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Her gift is not only the toys, but her presence and her sacrifice

      Absolutely – and she gives that plus hope ot so many mor epeople than just those kids getting gifts, too.

      ANd absolutely re time zones, too as Santa has left our house before America even eats dinner on Christmas Eve!

  • holunderminze says:

    Very inpiring. If only more persons took the effort to really give yourself for others the world would have been a better place. Why not DO something this coming christmas?

    • Yes, it often doesn’t take much to show kindness to others and we hope more people will do so, too, Holunerminze. And then people like Charlene’s neighbour are very inspiring when they do such lovely things for others.

  • sorrowscall says:

    I can’t drive around and I certainly can’t offer much, but it sounds like fun to pass out gifts to the children who need it this year too! I hope she continues with the tradition and gets more people involved with the drive.

    • We can’t all drive around and give hundreds of gifts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find our own way of helping make Christmas special for others.

      If you have time but no money, you can help a charity or such organise gifts for struggling families, for instance.

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