Yummy kids’ star biscuits

On Friday, I came across a recipe for Kids Sar Biscuits which looked tasty and easy.

So yesterday, I made the biscuits with my two and four year olds.

uncooked star and tree shaped biscuits on a tray

Ready to be cooked…

It was easy enough for them to manage – I had the butter very soft, almost melted, so it was easy for the kids to mix in the sugar.

The hardest part was containing their excitement to cut out even numbers of big/small shapes to be able to pair them later, so I just gave up and let them use whichever star and tree cutters they wanted to!

My four year old was a bit surprised when I put some biscuits on a plate to serve – “But we made them for Christmas!”

We will be making them again, and possibly to leave out for Santa

Star and Christmas tree biscutis cooling on a tray

All cooked and waiting to be eaten!

7 Responses to Yummy kids’ star biscuits

  • GaryG says:

    This right here is the reason why my New Year’s Resolution always included working out at the gym. 🙂 These look quite tasty! I’m going start dropping hints around the house and see who volunteers to make these for Santa 🙂

  • vida_llevares says:

    Christmas is not only the season for giving. It is also the season for eating! 🙂

  • GSBryce says:

    Oh how fun it would be to be one of your children. You have the cutest, sweetest ideas ever! I hope that my children will appreciate things such as these when they are older. Cherish these moments!

  • darkmeiji says:

    I don’t have kids yet being single and all, but I would love doing that! (The kid in me sometimes go out to the surface and the adult in me welcomes her everytime.) My friend sells shortbread every Christmas and she uses a similar Christmas tree pattern for some of her cookies. We used to live in the same apartment so I can watch her when she decorates the cookies. I wanted to decorate too but I was afraid of messing up.Her sisters and me just eat all the rejected shortbread everytime she finishes.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Who says you need to have kids to make these biscuits, darkmeiji? Just go for it! Or grab some kids you know and spend an afternoon with them cooking.

      Biscuits made from the heart don’t have to have ‘perfect’ decorations – so give it a go this year 🙂

      PS I love that the adult in you welcomes her every time – great expression!

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