Gumnut wreaths – craft for kids

Red and gold glitter on gumnuts and gum leave wreath

Red and gold glitter on gumnuts and gum leaves – a beautiful Christmas display!


I just had to share this craft idea! Being so Australian I thought it would fit beautifully on this site, too!


I helped at my children’s kinder the other day and all the children were busily making some Christmas wreaths, and loving it. I was impressed with the great results but also that they were so very Aussie, well within the children’s abilities and also so much fun to make.

Although be warned if you try this at home because it took me ages to vacuum up all the glitter afterwards!



Making gumnut wreaths

I didn’t see this bit, but the kids were given cardboard rings which they stuck together, with a loop of ribbon sticking out one end. I think they are double to be stronger, and it makes attaching the ribbon neater.

They painted this double ring green and left it to dry.

I then was there to watch them stick on gum nuts of various sizes, along with gum leaves and even sticks if they wished.

They also had some red felt leaves (which does add colour on the green background) but I think I prefer just the gumnuts, leaves and glitter – or is that just me?

Once they were happy with their arrangement, they sprinkled glitter over the top – first letting it stick to the excess glue already on the wreaths, then adding dobs of glue where they felt more glitter was needed.

gumnut wreaths drying - kids Christmas craft

Some of the gumnut wreaths made by kinder children – aren’t they beautiful?

As they dried, I got some photos – I think they are beautiful Christmas wreathes, don’t you?

Once they come home from kinder, there will be one hanging with pride on our front door!

7 Responses to Gumnut wreaths – craft for kids

  • Skyspirit says:

    Wow, what we can learn from Aussie Kindergartners these days. These are absolutely amazing. Immediately, I also started thinking of lots of other things that could be used for the circles while at the same time also saving the planet. These being rings from bottles which have a seal that breaks open only a bit to expired curtain shower rings, and many things in between.

    I think I will most likely try to start making some similar ornaments myself for the upcoming Holiday season. Thank you for your inspiration little ones-you will all have a place in Santa’s workshop I can tell.

  • Brady2121 says:

    These would make fantastic ornaments! I may have to try this out with the kids! Thanks for sharing this!

  • karmaskeeper says:

    That is a neat idea for kids, and adults a like. I love crafting that being said I’m also a kid at heart. I love to create things with my friends little girl.

    She is so cute when she see’s what she has made. Her little eyes just light up with delight.

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