Christmas jokes (child friendly!)

While Santa loves a laugh and often puts a joke in his personalised letters, the following ones are not in this year’s letters so won’t ruin any surprises!


What do Christmas and dogs at the beach have in common? Dog in a Santa hat


What happens to you at Christmas?


How long do an Elf’s legs need to be?


Once you’ve thought about them…



 The answers are


They both have Sandy Claws…

Yule be happy

Just long enough to reach the ground so he can walk on them!


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30 Responses to Christmas jokes (child friendly!)

  • Susie says:

    Cute! Thanks so much for sharing. I told them to my kids and they were cracking up. They told me this one: Why did the Christmas tree have trouble standing up? Because It had no legs

  • sorrowscall says:

    Two of the answers are out of order. However, I like the one about the beach. The Yule one is nice but the Christmas and Yuletide aren’t technically the same thing. The Yuletide is basically the ‘season of holidays’ as I come to understand it because so many different holidays (and the winter solstice) all happen in winter..specifically in December. So, the Yule one is nice but does make sense and I forgot my point.

  • sorrowscall says:

    All’s well that ends well on the Northern front then! Happy Holidays have now begun. By the way, these jokes were a big hit with my younger siblings and made wonderful icebreakers after so long of not seeing them.

  • ally79 says:

    I just spit my coffee out over the sandy paws one. Guess I know where my kids get their corny sense of humor from now. I am going to have to hunt for some more of these for them.

  • ramir says:

    Yes, by giving jokes to kids are make them happy. Since I am still yuong, Im very happy to hear some joke from my parents and most especially during christmas. So, this coming christmas I also want to take many jokes to my family so that we will be happier on this coming christmas. I wish so many gifts will have to arrive to my brothers from my relatives in abroad

  • Brady2121 says:

    Thanks for sharing these! It’s always nice to see clean and kid friendly jokes. I’ll be sure to use some of these at our family Christmas party. I’m sure they will be rolling!

  • C. Lenell says:

    Christmas is a time for cheer, so this is very appropriate. Laughter can even be brought out by song, remember the song the twelve things about Christmas I hate? Well, I know sounds a little mean, but it’s a hilarious song and this is along those lines, it makes you feel cheery. It brings you to a mood of euphoria and makes you laugh as you actually relate to some of the lyrics as you remember Christmas’s past.

    • I will have to look up that song as I don’t know it. At my daughter’s Christmas concert yesterday, though, they loved singing a funny song about Santa wearing his shorts (because Christmas Eve was hot!) so I agree that songs can bring about laughter, too!

  • karmaskeeper says:

    Those are funny and clean jokes. Which to me are the best kind. Kids love attention, and telling jokes is one way for them to get it. These are simple as well as funny that’s a win, win.

  • Cutter710 says:

    These were absolutely charming! Whenever my kids and the cousins get together I’ll make sure to teach my children some of these jokes to help bring everyone to the Christmas spirit. I think I’ll do my research and make up a few of my own now!

  • jcc481 says:

    Someone should do a collection of jokes found in crackers this Christmas…

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  • juno says:

    These are also fun kid friendly jokes. Great to share on Christmas Eve or at Christmas dinner. They will make the little ones laugh for sure.

  • sorrowscall says:

    The more and more I think about these jokes now that the holidays are over, I get a little sad since that means the holiday countdown for jokes is over too, but I think I’ve changed my mind about the joke I like most on this list. The more I think about it, I like the third joke and it’s answer.

    • The days after Christmas are nice for relaxing but there is also a sadness that Christmas is over for another year. And Christmas jokes/bonbons are also done…

      Maybe we can do a countdown of jokes for Christmas in July, Sorrowscal? If you’re really keen, maybe a countdown to Easter jokes, too!

      • sorrowscall says:

        Have you heard about the tradition where some people celebrate Christmas until New Years and don’t take down their decorations? A lot of people think it’s to be lazy but I think it’s as a courtesy to those who had to work on Christmas.

        Oh! Easter Jokes? That sounds fun! You could say I’ll…hop to it?

        • hop, hop!

          I’ve always believed that Christmas decorations should remain up until 6 January (ie after the 12 days of Christmas). I like it so Christmas doesn’t end so abruptly and because it can still be enjoyed (perhaps more so when things are calmer) – more time to wonder around to see lights and we catch up with some friends in late December so it’s still a Christmas celebration. Sharing it with those who work is a nice idea, too. And who wants to pull everything down on Boxing Day???

  • celinejulietdcosta says:

    Haha:) Christmas jokes are too funny. I tell these jokes to my kids and they enjoy it:)

  • Tayla Redmond says:

    One joke in return 🙂 why cant a pushbike stand on its own?

    I’ll answer after you reply…

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