Christmas Memories

Santa hat on Christmas tree of green lollipops

The perfect Christmas tree for a sweet tooth – it’s made of lollipops!

My momma always used to make Christmas for me and my brother special.

The Christmas tree…

We would get a Christmas tree as tall as possible without touching the ceiling.  I remember the struggles we all had trying to get the trunk into the base so it would stand straight.

Decorating the tree was always a special occasion.

Although my mom stopped putting candy canes on the tree until Christmas Eve arrived because my brother and I would sneak and eat one or two or five a day.

The future…

I loved Christmas and now 20 years later as my wife and I prepare to have kids I will give them the same memories of Christmas my mom gave to my brother and me.


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15 Responses to Christmas Memories

  • sorrowscall says:

    I feel your pain wulfman. The candy canes in our home never last until Christmas day either because we all love them as much as we do. I especially love the ones that come in different colors.

    • Candy canes have only recently become common in Australia – when I was a kid, we never had candy canes as part of Christmas – ands till don’t really have them on trees. I don’t hate eating them, but there are many things I would prefer so I usually skip them – however, my kids find them hard to resist…

  • Alphawolfdog says:

    Ah, Christmas… It’s always a nostalgic time for me as well and I can’t help thinking about it as soon as it’s fall! Everyone always seems so nice and carefree during the Holidays… My favourite part about it all is when my whole family eats together on Christmas Eve, we always have a warm little dinner together. I can’t help but feel giddy thinking about it 🙂

  • FlorenceDupuis says:

    We’ve always had the same christmas tree at home. We have an artificial one (I like that, because we can keep the same, and I grew attached to it, and it is way safer for what comes to fires) so we never had that struggle of trying to find the perfect match. But what I can tell you is that my favorite thing in the whole world is the day in December when me and my mom make the christmas tree, prettier each year, while listening to Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas music… So beautiful. I really like traditions; I am that kind of person. If you were wondering, I do not live alone with my mom. My dad and sister are just to grumpy to make the tree 😛

    • What a pity your Dad and sister miss out, Florence – but also it’s nice for you and your Mum to enjoy that special time together. traditions can really make great memories and good feelings, especially happy traditions like this one.

      I’m not sure I included reduced fire risk when I compared real and fake trees, but it’s probably a valid point (particularly for us later in December when the tree gets dryer and browner in the heat).

  • C. Lenell says:

    Oh my gosh, Christmas memories! Well, I have three and my oldest who is now grown and has a family of his own, just revealed to me that when he was little he knew my hiding place for his gifts and would secretly check regularly and then practice his “surprised” face for Christmas morning! Well, imagine my chagrin when I heard that.
    About my two youngest, one year my husband and I had just finished putting their gifts together and wrapping them and as we just lay our heads down for a quick nap, they sprang up and knocked on the bedroom door “time to get up”. We said oh, no, Santa hasn’t come yet, it’s 1 am, go back to sleep. Lol.

    • Sorry, that’s funny, C Lenell 🙂 I love how he practised his surprised face – he obviously did it well! How old was he when he did that? I bet he has chosen present hiding spots carefully for his own children!

      Ah yes, Christmas Eve can be a little-sleep night for parents of young children! Another reason I love Boxing Day to be quiet and restful!

    • sorrowscall says:

      I love this! I keep imagining that kid looking in the mirror and making a whole bunch of Mcully Kulken faces and going ‘holy smokes’ in my head. As for those newer little ones, make sure to hide the presents in a different spot!

    • jcc481 says:

      Ha ha! Very nice! Christmas Eve must have been a very restless night for you and your husband! I am also curious to know whether he has hidden his children’s presents anywhere harder to find?!

  • oraclemay says:

    Having and decorating a Christmas tree is a well known family tradition. There is nothing like the whole family getting together and decorating the tree. Everyone gets so excited!

  • Orson says:

    I totally love this, and had to laugh at you and your brother pinching candy canes!

    Our Christmas was never quite the same every year, nor has it been since we have turned into our own little family of 5. But I am thankful for the freedom to keep some traditions from childhood and to change things up according to what is important to our family that year. Thanks for sharing those memories, wulfman!

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