Christmas lights in Melbourne, 2015

I love walking around on a summer evening looking at Christmas lights!

This year, we walked around our local area with a group of friends which was a lot of fun. The biggest hassle is juggling going out when it’s dark enough to appreciate the lights with getting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour (given how tired they were for the end of school year anyway).

Anyway, I didn’t get my photos edited in time to share them before Christmas. So here are some of them now…

collage of Christmas lights


front yards and fences with CHristmas lights



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  • It’s 100% I agree in this article walking around on the village and take a look for twinkling Christmas lights and I felt stress free although I have many faced problem. Moreover, this page gives me an idea for unique Christmas decor. Thank you so much! Advance Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Maritza, glad you have also experienced the magic of walking around to enjoy Christmas lights and reduce stress.

      Happy we inspired your décor idea 🙂 I hope you will share your idea with us once it is created!

      Merry Christmas to you, too!

  • clair02 says:

    What beautiful lights. I know it’s early yet, but I’m getting into the Christmas spirit just looking at those amazing decorations.

    • Hey Clair, it is hard to resist the Christmas spirit isn’t it? Even if it is still September! I am already looking forward to this summer so we can walk around and see the local lights again.

  • fcuco says:

    The third picture in particular was beautiful, the way the entire trunks of the trees were wrapped in light instead of the branches created a wonderful effect. I also love the combination of blue / aqua green from the last picture, it looks pretty fancy 😛 Not your classical Christmas color scheme but looks nice.

    • Hi fcuco, the lights around the trees was beautiful – we had three sets of trees done like that last year so hopefully we’ll have some more this year, too 🙂

      With the lights I’ve seen, there is a huge mix of colours used – some houses choose a theme, but many have pretty much every colour possible!

  • JoAnn says:

    Christmas is my favorite time of the year, i love going around looking at other peoples lights and of course putting up my own. 😀 😀

  • Wew..! What a lovely talking point of about Christmas, I really love reading article especially all about of how to be an creative in Christmas day how to decorate your house without spending much money.

  • Jay Crowder says:

    I love seeing the different houses have various shinning and glimmering Christmas lights, list down into my list the idea of how to decorate the surrounding of my home that look different from them.

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