Creating Santa in wood

I just came across a news article that is wonderful so I am sharing it here 🙂

Carving Santas

Ken Miller lives in the USA and literally carves Santas for a hobby and profit!

art of carving in wood with a carver working on the background

Carving wood takes patience, perseverance and practice.

He carves Santa’s face and body into wooden objects such as rolling pins, bowls and shoes (clogs), and then paints them. Some are given as gifts and others he sells at craft markets – what a pity none of those markets are in Australia as I’d love to see his work!

But what I think is really special is that he sometimes carves Santa into old wooden objects that have sentimental value to people. For example, taking the rolling pin of someone’s great grandmother and turning it into a Santa statue that can be placed on a mantelpiece with price each year – rather than keeping the treasured rolling pin locked away in a cupboard.

Do you have any old objects that could perhaps be given new life by being turned into a Santa? Are you game to try the transition yourself?


11 Responses to Creating Santa in wood

  • oportosanto says:

    I love those wood constructions and I feel they have the real Christmas spirit. Nothing like giving new life to old unused things and making them look as good as this!

  • oportosanto says:

    Actually working with wood was something I always wanted to do. Unfortunately I never got the right tools as I don’t even have a work space, eventually in a later time I will have that opportunity.

    • I hope you get to try some woodworking at some stage, oportosanto 🙂

      Are there any men’s sheds or woodworking clubs in your area that you could learn some skills even if you don’t have the tools or space?

  • oportosanto says:

    Thanks, that’s kind of you Santa. That’s a good idea, I don’t know because I haven’t thought of that! I had a friend who picked up pieces of wood and carved them with some Japanese tools he had, a great hobby I think.

    I am checking that out, thanks for the hint. 🙂

  • larryl332 says:

    This really seems like a great crafts idea for the family. I do think that it will require a little more than the usual, but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. Thanks for the tips.

  • eduguy says:

    This could be a really cool family tradition that I would want to start if I had the tools to do so. I’ve done woodworking a few times in my life, and I really enjoyed it. I’m sure the rest of my family would enjoy it too.

    • What a great idea to make it a family tradition as well as saving family treasures, Eduguy! I hope it goes well for you – and we’d love to see photos of your efforts if you’re willing to share!

  • Aminul says:

    It’s a great idea! I will definitely try it and I’m sure my family will enjoy it too!!!

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