Exciting sets of lights localy!

I love Christmas lights – they are beautiful and magical. So it’s very exciting to see more and more set up in our area each year.

Christmas house decorations

A local house with Christmas lights on trees, walls and grass

If you want a drive to see some nice lights (and without lots of crowds, too) try this route…

High St Rd, between Winbirra Pde and Vannam Dve in Ashwood – lights on the south side with candy canes featured.

Turn into Vannam Drive then left into Ashwood Drive, seeing some small collections along the way. Park next to the playground (you’ll see why – the house opposite is AMAZING!)

Walk past the playground , across the bridge and turn right to see Santa on the roof as well as a train and Santa’s car. Wonder along Ashwood Dve a bit to see some other small sets of lights.

Back in your car, turn around to go into Baryn St and right into Vannam Dve to see a blue light display.

Turn again and then right into Arthur St.

On the left, past the kinder and shops, is a HUGE Santa and lots of pretty lights.

That’s it in Ashwood (for what I know – let me know if you spot more goods near by!) but if you turn from ArtBurwood Christmas elf with childrenhur St into Huntingdale Rd and head to Burwood Hwy (via Highbury and Station St) there is an awesome display near Benwerrin Reserve – they have lights, a massive Santa display AND visits from Santa and his elves.

 Have a Merry Christmas and say hi if you see me along the way!!!

Fun outdoor locations for Christmas…

Yes, you have celebrate at home or some restaurant, but I’m telling my parents to do some other fun places. ones I’ve said so far are:

  • the zoo – gardens and lots to look at
  • the beach – nice sand to relax on, water to paddle or swim in…
  • some gardens – I think the Botanical Gardens in the city would be divine
  • on one of those boats that cruises along the river
  • at a children’s farm – not the most beautiful places but open and the animals would amuse the kids
  • a park – the one near my school would be good as it has playground, free BBQs and space for other games and even parking in the park but no toilets might be a problem…

Any other fun places my parents and family might agree to?

Christmas Pudding

We had some delicious Christmas pudding last night, made by our friend’s Mum. She made it ‘properly’ – soaking the fruit for weeks beforehand (in Port in this case).

This pudding was mostly fruit and was about the moistest and yummiest pudding I’ve ever tasted. If I can get the recipe and am allowed, I will share it here too.

Anybody else had some good pudding yet this year?

Chocolate Christmas Trees

Takes about 50 miniutes ot make, but they look so cool!


250 g plain sweet biscuits
2 tbsp cocoa
1 cup desicated coconut
150 – 200g white chocolate for decoration.
150g dark chocolate pieces, hundreds & thousands, or choc sprinkles for decoration as well.


combine buicuit crumbs with cocoa!

 Now add your cocoanut and sweet condensed milk.

Put cling wrap on them and put in fridge for 20-25 minutes

than shape them into fir tree shapes (cones really)

Now drissle melted white choclate  all  over(as your tinsel) and decorate with your delicous hundreads and thousands or choclate sprinkles (as your other decorations on your tree).

if you have some star stickers or icing shapes, put one on each tree to finish it off.

Ummmmmmmmmm,a quick,yummy and fun activity to do with your kids – maybe give as presents, too.  The trees, not the kids!)

i love christmas.

hi i am emily.
i love Christmas because i get to see my family and friends. also i get to do lots of cooking and partying and eating and talking and laughing.

go Christmas!!!!

talk soon…

White Christmas in Melbourne!

Last night, on our way home from a Christmas party, we saw an unusual sight 🙂

In Narracan St, Vermont, there are two houses with Christmas lights. One is lovely but completely dwarfed by the other which is absolutely covered with lights, Santas, reindeers, moving things and more. Every so often, it also snows on the people looking at the lights – yes, snows!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ok, for the cynics it is a pump blowing bubbles but it LOOKS like a snow fall and the kids adore it!)

Well worth a visit – 4 santas for this one!

Oh, and take some coins with you  – there is a wishing well with proceeds going to the Make a Wish foundation.

International traditions

Hi, I have some homework where I have to find about some different ways people celebrate Christmas around the world. Can anyone please give me any answers?

I live in Australia.

Share your Christmas story