boxing day

Time to recap on Christmas…

COlourful Christmas tree & gifts on a black background

What did you find under and around the Christmas Tree?

It’s Boxing Day and that’s a great time to look back at Christmas and remember how great it was and appreciate many things.

Your gifts…

As I asked a few years ago, what did you get for Christmas that …

  • showed the most thought and knowledge about you?
  • was the most fun?
  • was a complete surprise?
  • means the most to you?

And what present did you GIVE that gave the most joy?

Your day…

And I’d love to hear about your Christmas celebrations yesterday. Did you start any new traditions or try something different this year?

What made your day special?

Christmas gift sharing time…

So it has to be asked… what did you get for Christmas?!!Santa holding a pile of presents

It’s fun to share what we got and it’s good to see what others got (just for fun and for inspiration!) so I’d love you to answer the following questions in the comments section…

  1. what is the best present you got this year?
  2. which present were you least happy with?
  3. of the presents you gave others, which got the best response?
  4. which present was the most special?

Whatever you got, I hope you had a Merry Christmas and are spending Boxing Day relaxing, reflecting on the Christmas that was and enjoying yourself.

Boxing Day traditions

What do you do on Boxing Day?

Piles of Christmas gifts and toys

Piles of presents often means piles of toys to play with on Boxing Day!

Between the cricket text at the MCG, Boxing Day Sales and extended family celebrations, many people have a set activity each year while others have a quiet day resting from the excitement of Christmas Day.

Does Boxing Day have any special meaning or memories for you?

Share your Christmas story