merry christmas

Christmas has arrived – have a great one!

From Santa and the Love Santa Elves, please have a safe and very

Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful day today and remember to share a little Christmas magic with as many people as you can.

And Happy New Year!

Children dressed as Santa's helper and Christmas fairy dancing

Dance your way through a very Christmas, just like Santa’s helper and the Christmas fairy!

Merry Christmas, Love Santa

It is now Christmas morning, kids across Australia are waking up to find their Santa stocking and check out what is under the tree so it’s time for everyone at Love Santa to wish you a…

Merry Christmas!


Have a great day with lots of laughs and love!

children opening stockings form Santa on Christmas morning

Delving into Santa sacks on Christmas morning is FUN!

It’s the big day!

Santa has visited Australia, said good-bye to the Boomers and headed off with the reindeer, so it’s time for us to say…



Have a fantastic day full of love and laughter,

Tash and all of Santa’s Elves

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Santa has visited Australia and is now busily delivering presents in the northern hemisphere. It is Christmas Day and we wish you the merriest of days, with lots of love and laughter.


Merry Christmas Australia!

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