Eleventh of December, counting down!

Exactly two weeks to Christmas Day and we’re opening the flaps on day eleven in our advent calendars. Have you managed to open each flap on the correct day so far? We have, but it has been close a couple of times when we’ve been out.

Ornament calendar

Well, we’ve had a Lego City snowman and a Lego Friends snowman, so who is surprised to find a press out ornament snowman? Snow and snowmen have become so entrenched in Christmas imagery, but it still feels irrelevant as we don’t have a snowman at Christmas in Australia!

Snowman cardboard ornament

Lego City

Full steam ahead for Christmas! Ok, it’s not a steam train but we did find the pieces to make a bullet train in tonight’s Lego City calendar.

Lego bullet train

Lego Friends

Again, this ornament feels over sized, but it is a cute lantern that took a little work to put together. The single leaf on top is unusual, but my daughter took a spare flower from day six to make it complete.

Lego Friends lantern

Christmas book

Snowman, skiing, throwing snow – they are seem to go together so reading The Angry Birds Christmas book by lantern near a snowman seems appropriate!

Days nine and ten of advent calendars

It feels like December has just started, and yet we have opened ten advent calendar flaps already! But the excitement is building and there is so much Christmas everywhere.

Lego Friends calendar

So after a few rocky days, the Friends calendar has redeemed itself in our house with the dog sled and shelter, thank goodness. So let’s find out what was hiding behind flaps nine and ten…

My daughter was quite happy to find a little bird and to make a pretty stand for it to perch on. She is getting quite a collection of animals from this year’s advent calendar!

Lego bird on a fancy stand

Grandma came to visit from the City calendar with a sled…

On day ten, she got two microphones and a microphone stand – and immediately wanted to put on a concert for us all.

Lego Stephanie at a microphone stand

Lego City calendar

On day nine, the Lego City calendar produced a snow machine! As Australians, we aren’t so used to snow machinery so my children first thought this was a snow clearing machine.

Lego snow machine from the City advent calendar

My son was surprised and happy to find that day ten’s flap hid a second plane – a jet plane according to him, and I let him hold onto that idea…

yellow Lego plane

Lego advent day 13

Lego city advent calendar flap for day 13

So we’re up to day 13 now, and excitement is building as we’re getting closer to Christmas – and summer holidays with only five school days left.

Strangely enough for a snow scene, Lego Friends today produced an ice-cream stall! Complete with mistletoe, two ice-creams and some money, Miss five enjoyed building the stall.

Updated to admit they were cupcakes not ice-creams on day 13, so it was a cupcake stall which makes more sense to me! It also means there were cupcakes sitting on the stall which also makes more sense than ice-creams pre-served like that.

Lego ice-cream stall in advent calendar

Does anyone really eat ice-creams while skiing and skating?

My son, on the other hand, got a robber with a crowbar and two hundred dollars in a sack. Don’t get me wrong, my son was happy enough finding that, but it doesn’t feel very Christmassy!

Lego robber beside Christmas tree

Let’s hope he doesn’t steal the Christmas tree or presents!

If you missed what the calendars gave us yesterday, you can catch up on day twelve. Read the introduction to our Lego advent reviews for the whole picture.

White Christmas desires?

White Christmas in CanadaA white Christmas is not something many Australians have experienced, and certainly not in Australia. Yet it is an image we see every year as so much Christmas imagery (and movies and TV programs) is based on the Northern hemisphere.

Snow, bare trees and a warmly suited Santa or sunshine, heat and outdoor Christmas meals.

What do you think – would you like to experience a white Christmas?



White Christmas in Melbourne!

Last night, on our way home from a Christmas party, we saw an unusual sight 🙂

In Narracan St, Vermont, there are two houses with Christmas lights. One is lovely but completely dwarfed by the other which is absolutely covered with lights, Santas, reindeers, moving things and more. Every so often, it also snows on the people looking at the lights – yes, snows!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ok, for the cynics it is a pump blowing bubbles but it LOOKS like a snow fall and the kids adore it!)

Well worth a visit – 4 santas for this one!

Oh, and take some coins with you  – there is a wishing well with proceeds going to the Make a Wish foundation.

The Simple Pleasures

As a Foster Carer, Christmas has never been the same two years running. Luckily that’s just the way I like it! We have many lovely, touching memories of course but last Christamas really showed us that money spent and beatiful wrapping can be meaningless. Let me explain:

Christmas 2007 I had 3 children living with me, one of whom was a 5 year old with developmental delays, who had no memories nor understanding of Christmas. Her birth family life had been one of poverty and trauma, and she had no expectations as she had no reason to believe the magic of Christmas existed!

I had saved, bought and wrapped 6 gifts each for the 3 children and piled them beneath the decorated tree on Christmas Eve. The children had left cookies and lemonade out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer and I sprinkled fake, plastic snow across the carpet from the front door (no chimney!) to the tree before going to bed.

Christmas morning at 5:30 my other 2 children were up, waking me and keen to unwrap, having carefully counted and inspected their labelled gifts. Keen to begin they roused the little girl and told her to run and see what Santa had brought. She came slowly out of her room, yawning and not in any hurry as she had no anticipation of goodies. Then she stopped and began to laugh and jump up and down with happiness. “Mama, Mama” she yelled “Oh look it, look it!”.  Had she seen her mountain of gifts at last? No, her delight was in the $2.50 packet of plastic snow that Santa had left behind.

That little girl sat and threw ‘snow’ over herself for almost an hour laughing and calling to us to see the miracle that had taken place. Yes, she did come later and opened her gifts, but she was drawn back to play in the ‘snow’ throughout the rest of the day.

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