Christmas calendars, day six

Day six – it may be quite (very!) warm in many parts of Australia today, but all our advent calendars are focussing on cold weather for day six!

Ornament calendar

I think this is a very pretty ornament – the subtle purples on the blue and white gives it a sense of depth and cold that adds to the realism of our snowflake.

Cardboard nowflake Christmas decoration hanging on a tree and being pressed out of a book

Lego City

Yesterday was the Lego Friends snowman, and today is Lego City‘s turn, complete with a hot chocolate.

Lego snowman with huskie and sled in the background

Lego Friends

And today’s Lego ornament is a stocking, complete with mistletoe.

Lego stocking ornament

Christmas book

Tonight we will be reading a bit of applause for Mrs Clause, although I’m not sure I need any reminders about how many jobs are still on my to do list! Of course, I’m pleased to say we will happily help Mrs Claus with the pile of Santa letters she needs to write!

Putting up the tree

On the first of December, my 3 siblings, mum and dad and I put up the Christmas tree, we spent about an hour together, watching the kids’ laugh and feel the magic of Christmas.

Each decoration that Mum handed the little 2 they would ask her “Is this mine”?

three children decorating a Christmas tree at home

They are taking Christmas tree decorating seriously – it’s lovely to see children working together.

After the tree was up, my oldest younger sister and I were mucking about, and joked that the kids were the same size as their stocking’ so we put the little two ones into them and they were walking around the place in theses big red stockings nearly their height.

Probably the most fun we have all had in a while 🙂 Can’t wait for next year!!

First Christmas stockings

I don’t remember such a fuss being made about a baby’s first Christmas when I was younger – I never saw baubles and stockings declaring ‘baby’s first christmas’ until my own kids were at least teenagers! And I’m not sure anyone benefits from this change – well, no one other than the retailers that is.

For starters, the baby can’t read and doesn’t really care – sorry to disappoint you but it’s true. If the baby is old enough to sit up and watch Christmas around them, they’ll be more interested in the wrapping paper, people and decorations than a stocking (especially as many are insipid pastel things for some silly gender bias).

I prefer the ideas from Santa’s Elf on items that are at least reusable – put the year of the first Christmas on the stocking they’ll use for the next decade or so or get a beautiful photo you can display. Much better use of money than a stocking that is too small to hold anything and looks silly if used for baby’s second or third Christmas.

But even better is to just enjoy Christmas with that baby – they don’t stay babies for long so treasure it by playing together rather than buying mementos you’ll just have to store and never look at again.

A special note for grandparents, aunts, uncles and so on – it’s cute to acknowledge someone’s first Christmas with a baby but think about if they really want a cheap stocking or a genuine keepsake. My daughter was inundated last year with cutesy stockings and baubles – she feels guilty throwing them out but hates the idea of storing such nonsense. The friend who took a lovely photo of each parent holding the baby and framed them put in a little more effort and his gift is proudly on the wall for all to see.

My daughter was also happy with her brother’s ‘first Christmas’ idea of starting a family album where a photo of my grandchildren (I assume more will come!) will be placed each Christmas as a record of the family growing.

So I just think people should put a little thought into first Christmases rather than those commercialised ideas retailers want us to follow. I don’t mean to offend, just to get people thinking…

Twas the night before Christmas humour…

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care.
They’d been worn all week and needed the air.

Mummy needs a stocking too…

I’ve been meaning to post this since Christmas!

This year, my kids decided that Mummy needed to have a stocking too, as Santa only brings gifts for kids. So, I gave them some shopping money (they’re 3 & 5 and don’t get pocket money yet), and they took their Oma to Chadstone to buy items for Mummy’s stocking. They made some great choices, include a Christmas angel with my name on it, a headband, a book to read, and some bubble bath.

On Christmas morning, we all had fun opening our stockings together, and the boys were so proud of the stocking they had put together for Mummy.

My baby’s first real Christmas

My little girl was nearly two for the first Christmas she really appreciated. I was a single dad and really wanted her to enjoy the day.

She woke up at her usual time (about 8 or 8.30 I think) and I went in to see her. She was happily standing in her cot waiting for me when I walked in with a borrowed video camera filming her.

I put the camera down to open her cot and slide the armchair to be next to the cot – Santa had left her stocking on the chair rather than in her cot (i guess he was as safety conscious as me!)

She babbled away to me like any other day while I filmed her and tried to direct her attention to the chair. It seemed to take forever before she finally realised there was something interesting on the chair…

She looked up as if to see if she was allowed to touch the mysterious things that had appeared over night. I smiled and she was into it!

We then went through her stocking together and had a lovely morning with her stocking until her Grandparents arrived with more presents.

Stocking… or a doona cover!

When I was a kid, before Mum got us some “proper” stockings, we used to use Dads socks (clean ones). One year, one of my brothers decided they weren’t big enough – so he decided to put up a pillow case. Not to be out done by his big brother, my other brother decided a doona cover was a much better idea…

Both boys were disappointed, however, because neither the pillow case or doona were full of gifts! They still received the same number of gifts they would have received with the sock.

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