Still a believer
by Tash Hughes of Love Santa

Watching children’s excitement over Christmas and Santa brings a smile to most adults, especially parents.

At the back of every parents mind, however, is the thought that one day our little children will learn who really delivers Santa’s gifts.

There is a certain sadness as they let go of childish faith in Santa – it is the end of that stage in their life and of some of the magic of childhood. And there can even be some anger and frustration if someone else spills the beans.

So how can you deal with a child who is hearing “Santa isn’t real”?

  • Explain that Santa has helpers because there are so many children he wants to make happy
  • Santa is busy so parents help on Christmas eve as the world is such a big place that Santa can’t get around it in time
  • Tell and show them it’s Ok to believe in what you can’t see, even if others don’t always believe the same thing – a valuable life lesson there, too
  • Imply that they can “trust mum” or “trust X”

If older child knows, and you don’t want them spilling the beans to younger siblings, get their silence by-

  • Giving sense of responsibility and being grown up – explain that they are part of the grown up secret of making young children happy
  • Involve older child e.g. s/he stays up to help deliver gifts, s/he helps choose a style of Santa letter
  • Remind of them of their own joy in Santa as this develops empathy and pleasure; it also encourages memories which inspires cooperation and gives the child something happy to think about.


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