What sort of Christmas tree do you have?

Real vs artificial Christmas treesSanta peaking out from behind a red and gold Christmas tree

There is nothing like the smell of a real tree in the house – it is fresh and very Christmassy. I think the Christmas tree smell is so related to Christmas for us in Australia as it isn’t a common smell for us – and it is very different to the smells of our bush and gum trees!

Not everyone likes the pine needles across the floor or having a bucket of water in the lounge room, so some people prefer an articifical tree. Over a period of years, the artifical tree is the cheaper option, too.

Personally, I love the real tree – the smell, the sense of Christmas – but have an issue with killing a tree just for my pleasure so we use an artificial tree in our house. However, we also decorate trees in our garden for the ‘real tree’ affect.

I just saw a collection of Christmas tree stories in this blog, too. But I would love to hear about your Christmas tree preferences and memories – maybe an Australian collection will be very different from a northern hemisphere one?