This is the other form of Spanish almond nougat – the other one is hard but this one has egg yolks in it so is a bit softer.


300g icing sugar

300g ground almonds

6 egg yolks

grated rind of one lemon

grated cinnamon (or ground if you haven’t got any fresh cinnamon to use)


Fold the egg yolks with the almond.

Heat the icing sugar, cinnamon and lemon rind until you have a brown syrup.

Slowly stir in the almond and egg mixture.

Once it has thickened and isn’t sticking, press it into a baking tray. Some people like to add a weight on top, such as a wooden chopping board.

After two or three days, tip the nougat out of theĀ  tray and cut into pieces.