Last night, the TV show 20 to 1 featured the top 20 crazy customs we keep. And one of the customs they listed was putting up Chirstmas lights on the outside of our houses!

They showed many examples of decorated houses, including the incredible displays in Deck the Halls (2006 movie) and a Chevy Chase film from the late 80s. There were also a number of interviews with celebrities about what they thought of extravagant displays of Christmas lights.

It was interesting how some people were amazed at the time and expense people went to, while others thought it was part of the magic of Christmas. There was also mention of the competitive nature of Christmas lights in some places – one person has 20 lights so their neighbour has to put up 25, and so on!

Apparently, there is one Australian town (Casino in NSW) where a particular family is not allowed to put up lights anymore – well, at least not to enter the local lights competition as no one could ever beat their display! That doesn’t seem to fit the spirit of competition or Christmas!

There was no mention of communities and neighbourhoods that work together to provide Christmas joy – streets where there is unity so families can visit a number of displays in one place.

Does your area compete over Christmas lights or work together? Do you think one way or the other gets better or more impressive light displays?