This isn’t directly Christmassy, but the lead up to Christmas can be very stressful for some people – the end of year tasks, school holdiays starting, more social engagements, Christmas shopping and so on all add up.

Santa is all about sharing happiness, so here are some great ways to reduce your stress this December…

  • let go of your stressors on some beautiful leaves (better in Autumn, but it’s a lovely thought and maybe some bark would be a good alternative.) Thanks to Jennifer for this lovely idea and inspiration
  • take some water therapy – minimising your water use of course!
  • take time to appreciate life and forget your worries for a moment
  • read some positive thoughts -and share your own – in teh well of positivity and help brest cancer research at the same time
  • decorate a Christmas tree or your house
  • wrap a gift for someome less fortunate
  • look through photos of Christmas past and enjoy some memories
  • watch children sit on Santa’s lap a the shops, etc – their delight is fun to see
  • do some yoga, tai chi or other relaxing movements
  • join a laughing group/club – at least try it once!
  • tell someone what makes them beautiful – and automatically help women with cancer
  • watch the sun rsie or set – better, watchboth in the same day
  • give a hug
  • smile!
  • turn off your mobile phone and emails at least one night a week

And share your ideas on ways to relax this December…