Have you ever thought about how many names Santa has? There’s not just Santa, Santa Claus or Mr Claus – there is quite a range and sometimes children get confused when Santa is called something else in a book or story.

Here are some of the most ocmmon names for the jolly man who loves chidlren and makes their Christmases special…

Santa Claus – or Santa for short – or Santo Clos (in Mexico)

St Nicholas – or St Nick for short (also spelt Nikolas)

Father Christmas or Pere Noel (in French) or Pare Noel (in Spanish) or Noel Baba (in Turkish)

Sinterklaas (Dutch variation of Saint Nicholas and believed to be the origins of Santa Claus))

Kris Kringle

Odin ( a Germanic God also associated with Christmas)

Tomte or Nisse (Nordic folklore names)


Grandfather Christmas

Grandfather Frost or Father Frost

Papai Noel (in Brazil) translates as Father Noah

Are there any others you know of?