We all know that Santa lives in the North Pole…But where did he originally come from? The main question is…Where and how was Santa born?

Santa’s origins begin in the 4th century with Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas was a very generous man who was particularly devoted to children. It is said that he wanted to give money to the poor but didn’t want them to know it was him, so one day he climbed on top of houses and dropped purses of money down the chimneys. Though he passed away and was buried he was later stolen in 1087 which increased his popularity.

The reputations of Saint Nicholas’ kindness grew so muc hthat people began to think that he could perform miracles. He became the patron saint of Russia where he became known for his flowing red cape and his pushy beard. He became known as a saint across many countries due to his generosity.

In Holland the legend of Saint Nicholas was kept alive and they spelt his name as Sinterklaas. Dutch children would leave their wooden shoes beside the fireplace at night and Sinterklaas would reward the good children by putting lollies in their shoes. Dutch colonists brought the tradition to America in the 17th century and the Anglican name of Santa Clause was brought about.

So after being born in the 4th century and having his remains stolen, Saint Nicholas has truly travelled across the globe to become the Santa Clause that we know today.