Santa loves getting letters from children around the world, and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours – some even come with pictures. Santa is very generous and clever enough to read all sorts of writing and languages, but I thought some tips might make it easier to write as well as easier for Santa to read.

two children writing letters to Santa while wearing Santa hats

Dressing for Christmas makes letter writing even more fun!

Letter writing tips

When writing to Santa

  • remember to start with Santa’s name – maybe Dear Santa or Hello Santa
  • ask for things nicely – even Santa gives more when people use please and thank you
  • finish with your name – Santa has too many children on his lists to know who wrote it without your name on it!
  • let Santa know you’ll leave him a snack
  • ask Mum or Dad to make a copy of your letter as you might like to read it again when you’re grown up or someone might make a beautiful scrapbooking page with your letter and Santa’s answer
  • use your best writing and maybe get Mum or Dad to draw some lines for you to write on
  • have fun! You can write in red or green, or use lots of colours – it’s Christmas after all!
  • think about writing something that isn’t about presents you want – maybe ask Santa how he is, tell him about your Christmas plans, thank him for last year’s gifts, ask what his favourite colour or book is, or tell him a joke (Santa does love to laugh!)

If you have a little brother or sister, maybe you could write a letter for them, too.

And on behalf of Santa, thank you for writing to him!


PS  We have a free template you can use to help write a Santa letter 🙂