Santa knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sakeSanta checking his list for who's naughty or nice

Sometimes wanting to be good isn’t enough – you need some ideas on how to be good and do good deeds that people (including Santa) will appreciate. So we’re adding to last year’s list of good deeds suggestions – including some from this year’s list of good deeds Santa is including in his letters to Aussie children.

  1. don’t wake anyone up during the night unless it’s really important – usually rolling over and going back to sleep is easier for everyone
  2. helping with keeping the house tidy and clean
  3. keeping your bedroom clean and tidy
  4. doing nice things for Mum and Dad – like giving foot rubs, making fresh orange juice, brushing hair and finding their keys
  5. being brave about seeing a doctor or dentist
  6. dressing yourself – especially if you do it quickly and without a fuss
  7. using good manners, such as saying please and thank you
  8. giving lots of cuddles and kisses to Mum and Dad, and other people
  9. doing your best at sport and in classes

What good deeds do you think Santa has noticed about you this year?