A decorated Christmas tree
So what sort of Christmas tree do you have in your house? Did you think about it or just go with habit or the first option?
I LOVE the smell and atmosphere of a real pine tree in the house, but I feel terrible cutting down a tree for a few weeks’ pleasure. So here are my thoughts on which type of tree is ‘best’.

An artificial tree is good because:

  • doesn’t kill a real tree
  • cheaper than buying a tree every year
  • doesn’t droop or go brown over December
  • no mess (pine needles can be a pain to clean up)
  • fire-retardant so safer
  • often on sturdy stands which may be safer than a tree held in a bucket by a few bricks
  • easy to access – most big shops sell them and you can even order them online!
  • it is lighter to move around – and easier when folded – than a real tree
Whereas a real tree has the smell, atmosphere and a unique character. You could use it for firewood or compost/mulch but most people struggle with getting rid of it after Christmas. So on  practical level it’s not so good but it still has a strong emotional pull…