As parents and families, we often get excited by a baby’s first experience of things – and Christmas is no exception to this.Baby in a first Christmas bib

Of course, what happens for the baby on Christmas can be very different as it could be one day or 364 days since their birthday. A newborn will have no idea Christmas Day is special but an older baby will notice things are happening.

Many of the things done to show it is a special day for the new family form mementos (keepsakes) that can be saved or even reused, such as:

  • a Love Santa letter that is added to a scrapbooking album or frame after Christmas
  • a toy Santa or reindeer labelled for the baby or ‘first Christmas’ can be used as an annual decoration or plaything for a limited time each year
  • giving a (full size) Christmas stocking with the child’s name and year on it – this can be used at subsequent Christmases
  • Christmas tree decorations with the name and year or ‘first Christmas’ on the decoration – again, this can be used each  year as a reminder and given to the child for their own home when they are an adult
  • mini Christmas stocking with ‘baby’s first Christmas’ printed on it
  • a top or suit with ‘baby’s first Christmas’ printed on it – if given early enough, this can be worn at various December events, too!
  • a special photo (such as a photo with Santa) can be framed or highlighted in an album
  • a personally written letter, poem or story can be displayed that Christmas then stored in a scrapbooking album or treasures box


What special items has your family got stored away from a baby’s first Christmas? Do they ever get looked at or reused?