Collage of Christmas preparation photos

Christmas preparations – wrapping gifts, cooking, setting the table and cleaning.

With only days to go, do you feel ready for Christmas?

Some tasks have to be left to this week (cooking the roast in November or making a cheesecake two weeks ago may spread the workload but I don’t think the results would be quite so good!) but hopefully you feel everything is under control.

For many Australians, today or tomorrow is the last working day of the year so finishing work tasks can overshadow Christmas preparations. And that makes for a very busy weekend and Christmas Eve unless you were organised in advance.

Many state school children are only just finishing up the year, too, so it’s a busy week with final reports, clean ups and school concerts, etc.

Coping tips

Obviously, planning ahead is the best tip but it is easier said than done much of the time. So if you are running out of days for the mountain of tasks ahead, here are just a couple of ideas I hope will help you (and me to be honest!)

  1. write lists of what still has to be done – not only does this free up your mind, it makes is easier to prioritise and for others to see what needs doing so they can help you
  2. clean floors before moving furniture around – it’s much easier to sweep a clear space than getting in under the chairs and tables. You can then do a quick sweep/vacuum where the furniture was
  3. Christmas cooking bowl and cutters

    Christmas Eve cooking is important

    book some time (even if it is only in your diary or mind!) for important traditions. For instance, no matter how busy I get I will spend time on Christmas Eve cooking with my children so they can leave out a snack for Santa. If that means I set the table after guests arrive or don’t get  to sweep the front verandah, it’s okay as the cooking is once-a-year-special and will be done.

  4. ask for help. Seriously. Don’t be a martyr and do it all yourself. Don’t worry if your kids take 5 times longer to do something than you would – they are still saving you your time (my suggestion is to give them tasks you don’t need done in a particular sequence as that can get frustrating).
  5. be practical – if no one can see your laundry, don’t stress about tidying and cleaning it; if you haven’t made magic reindeer food, get the kids to collect a bucket full of grass for the boomers instead; buy shredded carrots and cabbage to start your coleslaw, a shop cake to create a trifle, etc – you don’t have to cook everything from scratch.

What other tips have you got for these last few days before Christmas?

How do you manage? I think the ideal is to get things done alongside relaxing and enjoying Christmas and family/friends. But would love some tips on how to fit all that in…


* Images courtesy of kozzi (get 10 credits when you register via this link)