Modern gifts - books in paper or tablet formWe’ve come a long way in the last 50 or so years. TV become mainstream and colour, we got the Internet, home computers, mobile computers, mobile phones and now smart phones and social media, books can be read on tablets as well as paper, and so on. Our world is a different place.

But has Christmas changed as much?

  1. Christmas may be more materialistic and about presents for some people – I know my kids get a lot more stuff than I ever did as a kid because things are cheaper and our lives have changed
  2. it’s more realistic for homes to set up Christmas light displays than it would have been 50 years ago so we have more beautiful displays to watch
  3. we all have big meals and eat too much on Christmas Day so that hasn’t changed much! Actually, I am aware of more people choosing to have BBQs and salads these days rather than the traditional hot meal on a hot day so maybe it is changing, slowly
  4. as a kid, I would spend the day playing and being with family. Some kids today spend time playing mobile computer games (which I personally hate as I think they should socialise) so that is different for some families
  5. people who are so inclined still go to midnight mass or other church services – maybe a smaller proportion of us do this now but I think that change is more than technology driven
  6. for people who are separated at Christmas, technology is certainly a help – with phones, emails, social media and the like, people can be in touch with distant family and friends on Christmas Day even multiple times.

What about your family and traditions – have they been changed by technology?

* photo courtesy of 123rf