I think we’ve all been given something we really don’t want as a Christmas gift. And some people will give that gift to someone else the following Christmas or birthday – giving away a gift you received is called regifting.

Is regifting just cheap and nasty?

Nervous toddler with a Christmas giftAt first glance, many of us would be uncomfortable about regifting – it does seem a bit cheap and nasty to give away something you didn’t pay for or even put time into choosing as a gift.

Then there’s the risk of the original person finding out you regifted their present and potentially being hurt by your actions.

But maybe it isn’t always a bad thing…

When regifting is ok

The times I think regifting could be acceptable if it is something you genuinely would get for that person anyway – because they need or want it.  For example, if you were given a book about your aunt’s favourite artist, she would probably love getting that as a gift. And it does nobody any good on your bookshelf if you don’t like that artist.

As for not spending money on it, well Christmas and gifts shouldn’t be just about the money we spend anyway. And if you had been given a gift you actually liked, you would have spent the money on the new gift. Instead, you reuse that gift and spend the money buying yourself something. It sort of works out!

If you are worried about the money aspect, buy something small to go along with the regifted item.

Remember that no one will ever know you regifted something unless you tell them. I mean, how often do we ask for proof someone actually bought the gift themselves?

The important thing, however, is to protect the feelings of the person who originally gave you the gift – especially if you know they put effort into giving you something nice. So don’t regift something in front of the original gifter.

Oh, and never regift a personalised gift! Unless it is to someone with the same name as you anyway!

Receiving a regifted item

Have you ever knowingly received a regifted item for Christmas or a birthday? How did it make you feel?

* Photo courtesy of 123rf