Summer ends tomorrow. Of course we may well get a lot of hot weather yet but there’s no denying that colder weather is on its way.

With the colder weather are there Christmas gifts you received that will now get used?

Aside from the fact that shops are full of summer things in November and December, most people seem to think of gifts with immediate use. So I see t-shirts, bathers and shorts given for Christmas much more often than jumpers and jackets for example.

Sometimes I do manage to think ahead and give a gift that is not related to December/January – especially if someone has a major life event later in the year – and often buy a general present (i.e. something that can be used at any time). I admit I rarely buy a winter-related item as a Christmas gift though.

Are all your Christmas gifts relating to summer (or winter if you’re in the Northern hemisphere obviously) or do you plan ahead?

Would you prefer to get some gifts ready for another season?