A few people have asked lately how I came to be writing Santa letters so here’s my story…

I am a professional writer and I love writing and reading.

I am also a Mum, love Christmas and love being positively engaged with the community. Helping other people is just what I do – I think it’s who I am.

Santa writing letters with a quill and ink pot!

No wonder Santa needs help if he still uses a quill to write letters!

Anyway, Santa is an extremely busy man and despite his best intentions, he doesn’t manage to write to all children every year.

So when my daughters were very little, I wrote them a few letters on Santa’s behalf so they could experience to fun of getting letters in the mail and the excitement and self-esteem that comes from being acknowledged by someone special (and who is more special than Santa???)

Santa’s request

Santa was looking for someone to write letters to some of the Australian children he just wasn’t finding time to write to before Christmas.

In 2002, Santa gave me one of the highest honours I think is possible for a writer – he asked me to help him.

I’m not sure if Santa heard about the letters for my daughters or just looked for an Australian writer, but I am proud he asked me and do my very best to live up to his expectations.

Tomorrow, I will post a bit about how I manage  writing these special letters.

If you have questions about Love Santa letters or my story, please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer you:) Note I won’t give away any secrets though, so don’t ask  how you can stay awake to see Santa or how he knows if you’ve been bad or good…