This is a variation of a simple dessert I have made for all my kids while they were toddlers – and they all still love it actually!

Vida_Ilevares – I hope your toddler enjoys this one 🙂

This quantity is feeds a toddler and an adult or two small adult serves. For older people, I’d probably count this recipe as suitable for 1 adult or 2 kids as a dessert so multiply it as required!

Baked Christmas Custard

red and green fruit with baked custard for dessert

Green grapes, red cherries and baked custard – healthy and yummy!

1/2 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1 egg
2 drops vanilla essence
1 or 2 tablespoon dried cranberries {or  use 6 – 10 fresh cherries, pitted and sliced}
6 – 10 grapes, pitted and sliced

Put the milk in a microwave proof bowl and cook for 1 minute on high – if you can’t see tiny bubbles around the edge, try another 5 -10 seconds. You don’t want the milk to boil.

Whisk the sugar and essence with the egg.

Pour a little of the hot milk in with the egg and mix.

Pour egg mix into milk bowl, stirring as you go. Mix in the dried cranberries.

Sprinkle with some cinnamon (I use nutmeg most of the year, but cinnamon is more Christmassy!)

Cook on a medium setting for 2 minutes.

If not set, cook for another 30 seconds.

Serve in a bowl with sliced grapes (and cherries if you use them). Obviously, cut the fruit to a size suitable for the age of your child – halving them is enough for older kids.

My two and four-year olds love watching the custard change from runny to set so I let them help by sprinkling on the cinnamon, adding the cranberries and serving the fruit – the rest is a bit tricky for little people.