box of the 2015 Lego City advent calendar

The 2015 Lego City Advent calendar

An advent calendar can be a fun way to count the days to Christmas – and it helps children understand it’s not yet Christmas!

There are many options for the countdown – commercial chocolate-centric calendars, home made calendars and even positive message calendars. And so far, we’ve used those sorts of calendars.

But this year, we’re trying out the Lego Advent calendars.



What is a Lego advent calendar?

Like any other advent calendar, it includes 24 days to show the days to Christmas. It has little boxes, like a chocolate calendar, with the plan of opening one each day and inside each box is some Lego.

Obviously, a Lego advent calendar is more expensive than the common ones – way more expensive! But you get Lego to keep rather than (usually) cheap chocolate that lasts for seconds.

Is a Lego calendar worth it?

This is the big questions – is it worth paying so much for an advent calendar? Is it an expensive way to buy Lego?

I’ve never been quite sure but with two children who love Lego (dare I say one is obsessed with Lego!) I thought we’d check it out this year and this review is to share our experiences with you.

So far, we haven’t opened any of the little boxes (it’s not 1 December yet after all!) so I’m still not sure how much Lego is in each box – I suspect it will vary a little anyway.

It is nicely presented so that the box stands up and forms a scene that the Lego surprises become part of.

We actually have two calendars – one for Lego City* and one for Lego Friends so each child has their own. And I will give a short review of each day’s surprises during December, with a final review at the end to answer this question of value.


* I found the Lego City calendar was harder to find – the Friends and Star Wars versions have been in more catalogues and shops than the City version which surprised me.