Well, it’s the first day of December and the first day for advent calendars.

So just before bedtime tonight, we gave the children their Lego advent calendars to open box one

Little girl excited to get Lego Friends advent calendar

The kids were very excited to see they each had a Lego advent calendar and couldn’t wait to find and open box number one!

The contents of each box were quite different – Lego Friends included a person and Lego City had a small bag of pieces that my son quickly assembled into two racing cars with remote controls (he spotted they were toys from Santa in the final picture!)

Lego City advent calendar - day one pieces

Both of them loved the set on the box for them to array their Lego pieces – especially the racing track for the two cars in Lego city. My daughter put her person together quickly but seemed to want more to do while watching her brother – it was a bit unequal between the two sets.

I was impressed to notice that instructions for making the mini set were included on the inside of the flap for box 1. Maybe it should have been expected that Lego would give instructions but I hadn’t even thought about that need!

Indstructions on inside of Lego City 2015 advent calendar

So we’re all happy with the first part of these advent calendars, and are looking forward to day two…

Would you be ok with this as the first day?