Lego city advent calendar flap for day 13

So we’re up to day 13 now, and excitement is building as we’re getting closer to Christmas – and summer holidays with only five school days left.

Strangely enough for a snow scene, Lego Friends today produced an ice-cream stall! Complete with mistletoe, two ice-creams and some money, Miss five enjoyed building the stall.

Updated to admit they were cupcakes not ice-creams on day 13, so it was a cupcake stall which makes more sense to me! It also means there were cupcakes sitting on the stall which also makes more sense than ice-creams pre-served like that.

Lego ice-cream stall in advent calendar

Does anyone really eat ice-creams while skiing and skating?

My son, on the other hand, got a robber with a crowbar and two hundred dollars in a sack. Don’t get me wrong, my son was happy enough finding that, but it doesn’t feel very Christmassy!

Lego robber beside Christmas tree

Let’s hope he doesn’t steal the Christmas tree or presents!

If you missed what the calendars gave us yesterday, you can catch up on day twelve. Read the introduction to our Lego advent reviews for the whole picture.