So we’re onto the second day of our review into Lego advent calendars… But as we rushed the day two opening of flaps, I’m reviewing days two and three together 🙂

So on day two, my daughter put together a little bench which came with ice skates while the City calendar got it’s first person, complete with camera and pretzel!

Lego peices from two days of the advent calendar

Lego City – day two

Lego Friends pieces from day two of advent calendar

Lego Friends – day two

And then on day three, my son had to put together a little stand which holds both a pie and a bucket of ice skates while my daughter loved finding a snowman in the Lego Friends calendar. While both kids are enjoying their sets, it is becoming clearer that Lego City has more to it than the Friends set which is a pity – I would happily have done two City sets except we wanted something different for each of them.

Lego Friends advent calendar day 3

Lego Friends – day three

Lego City advent day three pie stand

Lego City – day three

The hard part is already showing to be getting the kids to leave all their advent Lego together so we can see the scene unfold! Part of me wants them to just play and enjoy it, but I think it’s nice to see all the pieces as it is meant to go together. And of course, for doing a review and taking photos, it will be nice to have a finished product at the end!

If you have an advent calendar for your kids, are you trying to keep the pieces together until Christmas, too? Or would you?