collection of images from teh Lego 2016 advent calendars

It’s Friday and we’ve done nine advent calendar flaps now – Christmas Eve is getting closer!

Keeping with the ice-hockey player from day eight, Lego City produced a stand (for want of a better word – I don’t know much about ice-hockey!) for holding ice-skates, pucks, etc beside the ice.

Lego ice-hockey player next to a tand on the ice

Lego City day nine – Ice-hockey equipment for our Lego player

Unfortunately, my daughter was not so happy with the ninth flap of the Friends calendar – in fact there were tears because it wasn’t anything Christmassy and advent calendars should be about Christmas Mummy!”

two Leog girls with microphones and a turntable

Two microphones and a turntable were behind flap nine for Emma and Naomi

I thought the turntable and microphone set was quite cute, but I agree it is not related to Christmas as such (but I never expected every day to be directly Christmas related). I guess it is hard because ice skating, fires and hot chocolate and the like are not part of our Christmas celebrations in any way – hopefully Lego will do a warmer weather focussed advent calendar next year (it’s not only Australia that is in summer!)

aerial view of Lego girls, microhones and turntable

A turntable is an interesting choice in this digital age!

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