Wouldn’t it be lovely to put together an amazing platter of Christmas treats or a beautifully decorated gingerbread sleigh (or a chocolate igloo, lol!) for each Christmas function you attend?

Back in the real world, I just don’t have the time for that yet we needed something else for my daughter’s Christmas class party. So we made some quick and easy Christmassy biscuits. Perhaps they’re not as polished but a treat nonetheless, my daughter had a lovely time making them, and we got to do something together so probably a better plate anyway.

And these biscuits are also a great Christmas Eve activity to keep excited children busy and then leave out for Santa’s snack.

A collage of photos showing biscuits with white icing and colourful decorations added by a chlid for a Christmas party platter.

Ingredients for 30 biscuits

  • packet of Marie (or similar) biscuits
  • icing (we used some from a tub but you can make your own!)
  • 100s and 1000s plus whatever Christmassy decorations you have in the pantry
  • coloured writing icing gel


Lay out the biscuits upside on a tray or platter.

A white tray of plain biscuits laid out for icing and decorating for a class Christmas party

Spread icing across each biscuit. You could make the icing red or green, but we stayed with white so the decorations stood out more.

young girl icing biscuits with a spoon ready to decorate

Then add decorations and writing gel details to each iced biscuit.

child's hand adding green icing to decorate biscuits for a Christmas party

Take the platter to your party and enjoy!

platter of quick & easy decorated Christmas biscuits for a class party

Quick & easy class Christmas party treats ~ recipe