It’s not quite December yet so you’re probably very surprised to see Tinkles and Ginger are already with you, but it’s 2020 and things are different!

We were very surprised this morning to find Tinkles and Ginger in the loungeroom. two Christmas elves in self-isolation beside their North Pole door

Wearing a face mask and sitting beside a box of tissues and some hand sanitiser, Tinkles is in a plastic container beside her door. A letter from Santa was sitting there with a quarantine declaration form!

two Christmas elves in self-isolation with sanitiser and tissues

Letter on cute elf letterhead and signed Love Santa

Santa wrote to my children explaining that the elves arrived 14 days early so they could leave self-isolation on 1 December to spend the month with us as usual. He told us there have been no cases of COVID-19 in the North Pole, but our elves wanted to respect our rules and keep everyone safe by putting themselves into quarantine!

My children were happy to see Tinkles and Ginger and then they noticed the face mask on Tinkles which resulted in big smiles as it is such a familiar sight for them now.

two Christmas elves in self-isolation with tissues and sanitiser

Tinkles and Ginger even brought their own toilet paper this year!



Tinkles is back - 2020 style!