This is my interpretation of a Christmas in Australia.

I made most of the decorations myself and I got some props from marketplace. My husband helped me with the lights and the heavy work. Lots of love and time invested in this and I wouldn’t be happier with the result. Merry Christmas everyone 😊.

underwater Aussie Christmas light display with Santa

The idea of doing an Australian Christmas came because I made some jellyfish decorations for my daughter’s mermaid party. I wanted to use them again and my husband said why not use them for Christmas?

So, I made the jellyfish using plastics bowls and shower caps from Kmart. To make the tentacles I used tulle ribbon. Each jellyfish has a solar light that I got from Wish.

The “reef” was made with glitter foam sheets that I got from a dollar store. I made the drawings, cut them and glued them to corflute (Bunnings).

The Santa was made the same way, and I got the image from the internet.

Santa in bathers and snorkle in front of a boat
The boat and the whale were dance props that I got from marketplace.

Most of the lights came from Bunnings, including the blue cascade one. The shark is from Kmart.A summery Santa and boat above a blue reef with fish - Christmas display

Most of the lights are solar except the blue lights that are led lights and the inflatables.

The penguin is from Aldi.

A white penguin with lights beside an inflatable round Santa and a large green bauble

I made the little fish lights using wire and copper wire solar lights.

The whole display was lots of fun to make 😊 And it still looks nice during the day, too.