promo of Christmas Matchmakers movieLast night, just for something to watch in lock down, we watched a Christmas movie that came up on our feed.

Christmas Matchmakers

Movie duration:  1 hour 27 minutes
Movie made: December 2019

I hadn’t heard anything about this movie prior to watching it – which is the way  prefer to watch movies so I can just enjoy it without any preconceptions.

Staring Anna Marie Dobbins and Andrew Rogers as executive assistants to workaholics Vivica A. Fox and Dorian Gregory, this movie shows two people coming together to make Christmas better. Wanting their bosses to enjoy Christmas so they can have some time off themselves, they try a bit of match making.

Jen & Jon from the Christmas Matchmakers

It reminded me of those movies where the kids try and match make their parents, like The Parent Trap and It takes two. Overall, it is a sweet movie, although a bit saccharine sweet with overly smilely characters. And yes it predictably has a happy ending…

Owen and Kate in the Christmas Matchmakers

There were a couple of weird bits that stood out to me. Namely, why did two people working for executives in different companies end up having offices next to each other? And the expensive housing for two young people struggling to start their careers was a bit unrealistic.

However, I disliked the overreaction of the young male lead when the woman he liked wanted to take it slow – it felt very wrong to have him yell at her for ‘knowing what you were doing to me’, and not apologise for it. Jon’s behaviour here was disrespectful and it was out of sync with the feel of the movie.

I actually found the two bosses more interesting and engaging than the two main characters.

Would I recommend this movie? Well I certainly won’t bother watching it again. But it fits most of the criteria for a light hearted, easy-watching movie, other than Jon’s tantrums.