I was very excited when I came across this idea – build a jigsaw day by day as an interactive advent calendar!

I love that a jigsaw advent is constructive, reusable and provides some mindfulness time each day. And, of course, I’d expect it to be a Christmas themed image!

Box of a jigsaw advent calendar - 1008 pieces jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw advent calendar details

I cannot list the designer or manufacturer details because I can’t find them! There is nothing on the box or reference poster, nor on the original ad I purchased from – it’s very strange! So I can just say that I got this from Temu – ordering and delivery all worked well, see below for what I thought of the jigsaw advent calendar itself!

Final puzzle is 70 x 50cm and consists of 1,008 pieces.Twenty-four numbered red boxes in a box. Box one is on top, opened to show jigsaw pieces inside

The pieces are tight interlocking so you can pick up the completed puzzle without it falling apart – so says the promotional material anyway!

My jigsaw advent review

Inside the box is a set of 24 little boxes, numbered one to twenty-four. There is also a large fold out page – on one side is the image of the jigsaw and the other has numbers.

I assumed the numbers correlated to the days so you can figure out which section of the picture you need to complete each day. That is, I assumed each box would be a section of the puzzle to be done each day, then the sections will make the whole image.

jigsaw advent calendar reference sheet - image on one side and number on the other

However, I was very disappointed to discover that each little box includes a random collection of puzzle pieces. In day one, there were pieces from about 12 sections of the puzzle! So not only could I not complete one part of the puzzle as expected, I found many of the pieces from the same section were unconnected so very little could be joined. I opened day two hoping I was wrong, but it left me almost as frustrated. When I pack this away, I will be packing all the ‘one’ pieces into day one’s little box and so forth so next year I can create a small puzzle each day!

The picture on the paper and the puzzle pieces I’ve looked at so far show a low quality image, which is also disappointing. But maybe it will end up better than I think once the entire puzzle is put together…

As I progress through the puzzle, I will update this post but so far it isn’t too promising. For next year, I am thinking of using the 24 little boxes to divide up another puzzle to get the jigsaw advent experience!