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child's hands writing a letter to Santa

Children work hard at their Santa letters – and it’s a memory worth keeping

We’re a bit behind this year so my kids have just written their letters to Santa. This was something I did every year as a kid and now my kids do it.

It personalises the whole thing and is fun and exciting – I can even justify it as writing practice seeing as the older kids have written letters at school or for homework this year!

Creating memories

I take a copy of their letters – photocopy or scan it – as their messages and spelling can be so creative I don’t want to lose them when we mail the letters to Santa. Their letters go into their scrapbooking albums (when I says their, I mean mine about them!) opposite the letters they receive from Santa to reinforce their memories later on.

I wish my mum had kept copies of the my old letters – I think it would be quite amusing to read them and they will make an interesting piece of history.

** The Love Santa letter template may help your children write to Santa, or read our tips on good letters.

4 Responses to Writing to Santa

  • michelle says:

    PS I probably should say my kids LOVE getting letters back from Santa, too. Love Santa has helped us with this for the last 4 years – coming back for this year is how I foudn this blog, lol!

  • Santa's Elf says:

    It’s great you and your kids enjoy writing to Santa, Michelle – Santa loves getting and reading the letters, too.

    And we’re very pleased to have brought smiles to your kids’ faces over the last few years.

  • One of my kids wrote “Not getting,not alloud, but want badly: Tamagotchie”

    Also requested was “money = $10.99” (not for any specific item to buy, it just seems like a good amount to ask for apparently!)

    Amused us no end 🙂

  • MissieK says:

    That’s a fantastic idea – and I love that you keep copies of all the letters. 🙂

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