Get your tongue around…

… some Christmas tonguetwisters!

Can you say these 3 or 5 times really fast? And still be understood!

Santa’s sister Samantha sits sedately in the shiny sleigh.

Cathy craves Christmas cake covered in custard.

Elves enjoy entertaining and emptying elegant envelopes.

Penny’s pleased with piles of presents.

Have fun!

4 Responses to Get your tongue around…

  • Santa's Elf says:

    Oh, a challenge! Thanks Alex.

    I can just see lots of famalies giggling and getting very silly as they try repeating those sentences after a relaxing and filling Christmas meal!

    Does anyone have any other tongue twisters to share?

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  • beyre says:

    The others I can say relatively quickly, but that first one is a doozy. Then again, I have trouble with “S” tongue twisters. My tongues goes in knots LOL

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