Fun outdoor locations for Christmas…

Yes, you have celebrate at home or some restaurant, but I’m telling my parents to do some other fun places. ones I’ve said so far are:

  • the zoo – gardens and lots to look at
  • the beach – nice sand to relax on, water to paddle or swim in…
  • some gardens – I think the Botanical Gardens in the city would be divine
  • on one of those boats that cruises along the river
  • at a children’s farm – not the most beautiful places but open and the animals would amuse the kids
  • a park – the one near my school would be good as it has playground, free BBQs and space for other games and even parking in the park but no toilets might be a problem…

Any other fun places my parents and family might agree to?

5 Responses to Fun outdoor locations for Christmas…

  • Santa's Elf says:

    Nice idea Emily – why not make the most of our beautiful weather at Christmas time? We don’t have to be stuck inside beside an open fire like our Northern friends.

  • JanetWilde says:

    I think a train ride would be lots of fun – Puffing Billy or the one at Maldon.

  • Cassandra says:

    You’re the greatest, JMHO!

    With 8 months left mabye my family will agree to being outside for Christmas…

    • Santa's Elf says:

      I hope 8 months is long enough for you Cassandra! We really have such a beautiful country and climate (most years!) that we should change how we celebrate Christmas.

    • SusanJm says:

      How are you going convincing your family Cassandra? I’ve been trying to get mine to agree to a BBQ or cold outdoors lunch for years but my parents are scandalised at not dong the traditional hot roasts…

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