Aussie Christmas images

Leading on from last week’s post about warm vs cold Christmas images, what are your favourite Aussie images?

Baby playing with Christmas Gumtree tinsel

The majority of Christmas cards with an Australian theme are cartoons of Santa with a surfboard or looking like a swaggie or have an iconic animal in a Santa’s hat. They’re usual cheerful and fun, but do you like them?

I think it would be nice to have a bigger range of Aussie Christmas images we could choose from each year. How about some decorated gum trees or people sitting in a park to celebrate Christmas? Love Santa letters don’t show snow, and some are very Australian (Koalas or white boomers pulling a sleigh for example).

So what Aussie Christmas images have you seen and liked? If you can, share them with us so we can all see what is on offer.

12 Responses to Aussie Christmas images

  • ACSAPA says:

    I haven’t had a chance to see any Australian Christmas images, but I live in a hot climate as well. In Florida where I live, all the Christmas cards feature snow and snowmen. It always seems a little delusional that we have so many snowy Christmas images in a state where Christmas Day is bikini weather. I have bought cards with Santa in a Hawaiian shirt riding in a boat full of gifts ,pulled by alligators, but those cards were kind of hard to find. I think shops in Florida should accept that we live in a tropical climate and stop selling unrealistic depictions of weather that would never actually happen here.
    I would like to see cards with Santa dressed for a swim in the ocean, or cards featuring Christmas palm trees.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Summer Santa images and cards do exist – and there are certainly more now than when I was a kid – but they are still the oddity here, too. I would love to see some middle of the road summer Christmas images – not just cute and kitsch Sants but Christmas trees in the sun or celebations on the beach. Maybe I’ll just have to make my own range, lol!

  • Magic Pixel says:

    I love the fact that the picture shows an alternative Christmas tree. The babay seems to enjoy it a lot.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      She certainly did enjoy it – after that photo we hung the tinsel up higher so she couldn’t grab it and pull down the tree! (We gave her a piece of her own to play with instead!) A gum tree with decorations was really nice – we had the scent of the leaves but no pine needles!

  • pocs says:

    Always living where it was cold durning the holidays, I have never had a the opportunity to hear first hand on how it was on the flip side. I don’t even have relatives that travel in winter months to warmer climates. It might be really fun to have Christmas dinner like a picnic, holding all the holiday festivities outside.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      I certianly think it’s fun, pocs! There are so many options for us – inside, on a verandah, in the garden, in a park or on a beach.

      For my family, it is traditional to go for a walk after lunch – whether that’s along the beach, to a park or just around the streets (depending on where we eat), it’s nice to be able to jump up and walk off soem of that food!

      I remember a friend once had Christmas in a publc garden to be near the hospital where her grandmother was a patient – it’s nice to be able to do that rather than struggle for everyone to visit the patient and celbrate together in the same period.

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