Good deeds you can do

Santa knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake…Santa checking his list for who's naughty or nice

Sometimes wanting to be good isn’t enough – you need some ideas on how to be good and do good deeds that people (including Santa) will appreciate. So we’re adding to last year’s list of good deeds suggestions – including some from this year’s list of good deeds Santa is including in his letters to Aussie children.

  1. don’t wake anyone up during the night unless it’s really important – usually rolling over and going back to sleep is easier for everyone
  2. helping with keeping the house tidy and clean
  3. keeping your bedroom clean and tidy
  4. doing nice things for Mum and Dad – like giving foot rubs, making fresh orange juice, brushing hair and finding their keys
  5. being brave about seeing a doctor or dentist
  6. dressing yourself – especially if you do it quickly and without a fuss
  7. using good manners, such as saying please and thank you
  8. giving lots of cuddles and kisses to Mum and Dad, and other people
  9. doing your best at sport and in classes
What good deeds do you think Santa has noticed about you this year?

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  • dashboardc33 says:

    These are all great deeds you can do around the Holidays as well as any time during the year. You can get on a person’s good side by doing some of these great deeds.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      You’re right – good deeds can be done at any time not just near Christmas, and Santa notices people being good al year, not just at Christmas time! Doing something good for another person can make them feel good and that can make an incredible difference to their lives.

  • Youlovejordan says:

    I think more good deeds would be helping the homeless and going to shelters on Thanksgiving and passing out food and turkeys. You could also volunteer at local retirement homes as well as donate to your favorite charity. There’s a lot of good deeds that should be done out of the kindness of our hearts and not just around Christmas time when we’re expecting to be rewarded.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      We don’t have Thanksgiving in Australia so the obvious big meal to serve is at CChristamas time.

      I agree that being generous can be done at any time, but somehow more people think of it at Christmas time (part of the psirit of giving obviously) and I think in some ways people need it more at Christmas (it can be so much harder to go without when everyone else is celebrating, and harder for parents if they can’t afford gifts for children).

  • Breakfree says:

    Well, doing good deeds is generally good and it makes you feel more generous, more happy and certainly proud of yourself. But I think that during Christmas , doing good deeds is a must.It is a part of Christmas after all. This way Santa will notice you, as well

    • Santa's Elf says:

      People do tend to be more giving and generous leading up to Christmas, don’t they Breakfree? I think it is that spirit of Christmas coming through, and probably just that it is too ahrd to maintain the dedication all year so people cram it into a shorter period.

  • pocs says:

    Teaching children good deeds at an early age is a great way of teaching how rewarding giving or doing for others can be. The feeling you get from giving is far better than any gifts you might receive.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      That’s what I think is sad about those who don’t teach kids to do good for others – those kids miss out on the pleasure you get from helping others and the non-tangible rewards it brings.

  • Clauzetta says:

    I was taught that doing a good deed is doing something helpful for someone without anyone finding out it was you who did it. For example, taking out the trash, without anyone noticing you doing it. And then, when your parents ask, “Who took out the garbage?” You just shrug your shoulders. Or taking the newspaper up to the front porch for an elderly neighbor without that elderly person finding out who did that kind gesture. I think teaching children to do good deeds without getting praised for them is an important lesson.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      I think teaching children to do good deeds without getting praised for them is an important lesson.

      I agree Clauzetta – it is important to just do nice things without having to be rewarded for it in some way. I often have this conversation with kids and it startles some of them to think a ‘secret’ good deed is at least as meaningful as one others know about.

  • charity says:

    Some genuinely beneficial and generous stuff on this internet web-site , I love it, and I love Santa.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment Charity, and great to know you love Santa 🙂

      Perhaps next time you could share a good deed idea or a story when someone did a good turn for you? I believe hte site is more beneficial for everyone when we all share generously 🙂

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