Keep Christmas colours, not gender nonsense

I hope it’s ok that I have a whinge here! But it really annoys me that so much of the ‘first Christmas’ stuff is only in pink and blue.

For one thing, I am still pregnant so don’t know if I’m having a boy or girl (I’m due on 20 December so buying in advance is pretty necessary!). But I don’t want lots of pink or blue according to gender anyway.

Christmas Eve - red stockings, tree, snack for Santa

Traditional red stockings suit many people more than pink or blue stockings

I see no reason to distinguish between genders with colours at the best of times, but at Christmas I would much prefer red or green to stick with Christmas – or maybe purple as that is a trendy Christmas theme colour.

Is it just me or can we tell shops to get rid of gender-based Christmas gimmicks and concentrate on Christmas as the only necessary theme?

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  • Santa's Elf says:

    Hi Estelle – red and green and other bright colours do seem to fit the Christmas mood better, don’t they? I guess some people like the pink and blue or else shops wouldn’t still stock them – maybe some people will change to Christmas colours if you inspire them to think about what they’re doing…
    Merry Christmas to those new babies and parents, though!

  • Akela says:

    Have to agree – go with bright Christmassy colours for fun and they’re easier to use next year, too. I like to treat all kids as equal 9different but equal) so don’t like stereotypgin colours, either Estelle – did you know blue used to be for girls until some marketing person swapped the colours over and the pink for girls stuck? Proves gender colour is silly to me.

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Thanks for sharing your ideas, Akela (that is my cub name, too!) That is very interesting to know ‘blue for boys’ was deliberately introduced for a marketing campaign – all the more reason to enjoy those bright Christmas reds and greens!

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  • pocs says:

    I agree with you, baby things don’t need to be gender colored, especially at Christmas. When my children were babies, the “baby’s first” things were not popular and hard to find. I had to make my own.which if your a crafty person is something when your child gets older you can pass on to them.

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