Remembering baby’s first Christmas

As parents and families, we often get excited by a baby’s first experience of things – and Christmas is no exception to this.Baby in a first Christmas bib

Of course, what happens for the baby on Christmas can be very different as it could be one day or 364 days since their birthday. A newborn will have no idea Christmas Day is special but an older baby will notice things are happening.

Many of the things done to show it is a special day for the new family form mementos (keepsakes) that can be saved or even reused, such as:

  • a Love Santa letter that is added to a scrapbooking album or frame after Christmas
  • a toy Santa or reindeer labelled for the baby or ‘first Christmas’ can be used as an annual decoration or plaything for a limited time each year
  • giving a (full size) Christmas stocking with the child’s name and year on it – this can be used at subsequent Christmases
  • Christmas tree decorations with the name and year or ‘first Christmas’ on the decoration – again, this can be used each  year as a reminder and given to the child for their own home when they are an adult
  • mini Christmas stocking with ‘baby’s first Christmas’ printed on it
  • a top or suit with ‘baby’s first Christmas’ printed on it – if given early enough, this can be worn at various December events, too!
  • a special photo (such as a photo with Santa) can be framed or highlighted in an album
  • a personally written letter, poem or story can be displayed that Christmas then stored in a scrapbooking album or treasures box
What special items has your family got stored away from a baby’s first Christmas? Do they ever get looked at or reused?

7 Responses to Remembering baby’s first Christmas

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  • pocs says:

    We have a first ornament, stocking and of course pajamas. I started a first keepsake box for the girls when they were smaller to put the first Christmas as well as other holiday item in. When they left home it always went along with them. I’m looking forward to starting them for my grandchildren soon

  • pocs says:

    My grandson was finally brought into the world last week. I have a photo I took moments after he was born. I plan to modge podge his photo on a Christmas ornament, so ot only will it be his baby’s first Christmas ornament, put it will have his first photo on it. I’m so gonna love being a grandma! Best of all I have two more on the way!

    • Santa's Elf says:

      Congratulations Pocs – that is wonderful news! Best wishes to you, your daughter and grandson, now and for Christmas!

      A truly personalised Christmas ornament for him to grow up with — I have no doubt it (and his cousins’ decorations!) will be beautiful.

  • pocs says:

    Thank you. My mind has been racing with ideas since his arrival. Even I wouldn’t have enough time to complete them all. I’m going to have to pick and choose so I can get some of them completed. Sometimes wanting to craft everything can take it’s toll. But I’m up for the challenge.

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