Do you know what I’m getting…

I have heard this question a lot recently.

My son keeps asking “Do you know what I’m getting {insert various names} for Christmas?”

I think it is lovely that a six year old is so excited about giving gifts to the people he loves.

Boy in a Snat hat giving a Christmas gift

Seeing children happy to give a gift with love is a beautiful sight

And he is trying to be selfless in the process – some the gifts are perhaps a bit more of what he is interested in than the recipient (like a Lego set for his grandfather!) but he is thinking about what they may like which is a great lesson for him.

At six, my son doesn’t truly comprehend how long it is until Christmas so his perspective is different. Of course, his idea of suitable budgets for presents is pretty limited, too!

In the adult world…

Some people are well into organising their Christmas gifts and others are horrified at the idea of preparing this early (I have a few relatives who will start on about the 20th or 22nd of December!)

But I am enjoying the fact that as I type this, my son and his friend are singing (made up) Christmas songs and playing  time at the emergency centre with my daughter. They are happy and excited even if there are still 43 days to go!

Have you started thinking about what gifts to give people? Have you started getting those gifts?

I had a chance to go shopping without children last week so that’s when I started Christmas shopping. It does feel good to have crossed a few names of the list!

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  • karmaskeeper says:

    I alway wait until the last minute to do my Christmas shopping. I have no clue what I will be getting anyone. My kids are grown, and I have no grandchildren as on yet. We usually just give money we meaning my husband, and I.

  • hhkennedy says:

    How sweet that your 6 year old is looking forward to giving gifts!! πŸ™‚ That is one of my favorite parts of the season, but also what stresses me out the most. I always go round & round about what I want to give to the people who mean most to me. I usually do a generic “lil happy” for people that I’m not super close to, but need to get them a small something anyway. This year I am making coasters! So cute, so excited about giving them.

    • Yes, I love giving gifts too, hhkenedy – I get very stressed and frustrated if I feel rushed and have to choose something quickly rather than really giving something they’d like to get.

      What are you making the coasters from?

  • sorrowscall says:

    I think teaching a child to give is one of the great milestones of Christmas Achievements. If you’re child is more excited about giving than getting on the holiday then it’s likely they’ll grow to be more understanding and good natured as they mature.

  • datmiku says:

    I never know what to give people, it’s always so frustrating because I feel like if I give something I know they really want then someone else might have given them the same thing. To top that off it feels like it should be something personal but not totally lame, and it cant be impersonal like just money or a gift card because then I feel like I don’t understand my friends well enough.

    • I agree, datmiku, that gift vouchers and money feel a bit lazy and impersonal. Sometimes they are a reasonable option but never my first choice (unless as an add on to something else).

      There is always a risk that they will get two of something but remember that not everyone knows your friends the same way as you do (so what is obvious to you may not be to others) and others may feel the same way and get something else!

  • Susie says:

    I started thinking about gifts for Christmas back in August! I like to get a jump on things and start picking up smaller gifts here and there. Right now, I have a small stockpile that I plan to use as stocking stuffer gifts. I have a few people on my list who love gift cards more than actual gifts so they are always the easiest ones to buy for. They usually give me a list of 5 stores/restaurants to choose from so there is some element of surprise.

    • August is certainly avoiding the stress and rush of leaving it until the last minute, Susie πŸ™‚ And gives you plenty of time to think about what people want.

    • sorrowscall says:

      I love stocking stuffers! This is probably mainly due to the fact I don’t eat many sweets (though I do love to make them). As for the gift card idea, at least it’s still sort of a surprise for them. I mean, they don’t know which one their getting. I would turn it into some kind of wheel spinning game and call it gift card roulette. That’s it, that sounds to cool to pass up, I’m making that happen.

      • That could be fun, sorrowscal!

        I have done Kris Kringle gifts sort of like that – everyone brings a generic gift and they are given out by lucky dip (only rule being you can put back the one you bought!)

        • sorrowscall says:

          That sounds like one crazy version of secret santa! Well, unless they get their own gift, but they can put it back so it all works out in the end for the holidays.

  • t0wering1 says:

    I don’t know what to give people because sometimes they like comparing what gifts people get, and what I give. I am also scared they might not like the gifts I give. Since I’m a chef, I usually bake cakes and cookies to give to people since everyone loves food.

    • I think if you really think about what the person likes, Jon, it’s likely you will get something they will appreciate. However, making a cake or something as a gift (especially as you can cook!) is always appreciated and a great gift idea so I’d say stick to that pattern!

  • Gemini2014 says:

    What is important is the thought. It is always nice to express your love and appreciation to your dears friend or love ones specially during Christmas. If you can have a wish-list, much better! goodluck and spread Love! Happy Christmas!

    • You’re right, Gemini2014, giving gifts is one way to show love and appreciation of the people you care for – especially if you put thought into what you give.

      Merry Christmas to you, too!

  • ally79 says:

    I try to buy presents as the year goes along so that I don’t have to worry so much right here at the end of the year. I wasn’t able to do that as well this year, but I am hoping for some really awesome CyberMonday deals.

    • Good luck with finding those deals Ally.

    • C. Lenell says:

      I also try to buy as the year goes along, but I mainly start in October. I think I’m a pretty good planner, so that’s when I either tell the extended family that dinner is at our house this year and begin to prepare or start asking around who is doing it this year so I can prepare.
      As for gifts, yes I usually have an idea of what to get each person and I always quiz the kids on what they want. And around December I usually ask for a list so I can counter check what I’v already purchased for them.

      • You do sound like a good planner. I am intrigued at how it works to counter check lists in December – do you swap gifts or buy additional gifts if the lists suggest doing so? Kids changing their minds and tastes/passions is one reason I think carefully before buying their gifts too early!

  • Daniel lucky says:

    I hear the same from my kids all the time and they get the same reply, behave or Santa will not send you anything but I try to get gifts that popular and a couple items I know that they will enjoy.. It seems like electronics is the most popular now days!

    • I am not a follow-popular-trends person so I go with things that I think are good and will last, rather than just something currently popular. With four kids, I’ve seen how quickly popular becomes daggy!

  • Alphawolfdog says:

    Preparing early sounds like a good way to go, I wouldn’t start any earlier than a month before Christmas. Your son sounds like such a good little boy. It warms my heart to know there are kids out there who are selfless and care about other so much πŸ™‚

  • Brady2121 says:

    I always plan to start Christmas shopping early on the year, but I never seem to get around to it. I hate getting out in the crowds of people, so I usually stick to shopping online! You can’t beat shopping from the comfort of your own house!

    • It is very easy to put off useful plans like shopping early for Christmas, Brady! I’ve done it myself too many times, lol. Now days, online shopping is a big help – I love Christmas but I can’t stand Christmas shopping with hoards of people and over-crowded carparks!

  • FlorenceDupuis says:

    I am actually very impressed!
    I, myself, do not have kids, and I didn’t know that the new generation was ending up that road. I find it very refreshing… I know that when I was six, I didn’t care about giving gifts to anyone else, I just wanted to receive gifts. I even remember wondering why my mother told me she liked to give me gifts on my birthday and stuff like that…I really did not understand what was the fun in that. Now I do though. I always try to find the perfect gift for my family. So anyways, it’s really cool that children are getting conscious of this, and selfless, at such a young age!

    • It is cool, isn’t it Florence. I agree that ‘the joy is in the giving’ takes a while for some of us to learn (I remember thinking it was nonsense!) but it is true – if you put some effort into making the other happy anyway.

  • DatGiz says:

    I had to babysit my little (step)sister today, and it reminded me of this post. She has the gifting part of christmas totally down, she had it planned months in advance, but today she constantly buggered me about what she was getting for christmas from various people. It was annoying at first, but I found a way to have a little fun with it. She just turned 12, and her father keeps making jokes aout how she’s “an adult, with adult responsibilities now” so I tried to think of the most boring gifts I could come up with, and convinced her that that was what she was getting. Insurance plans, stocks, a “really exiting” textbook about accounting. I felt kind of bad, because she’s so excited about christmas and giving gifts that she just said “at least then I’ll know that the family cares about my future!” So adorable!

  • oraclemay says:

    I really only give to my son and so I tell everyone what he needs, so that he gets everything, and he usually does! I think it is a wonderful time to spoil your children and just give from your heart.

    • Yes, it is very easy to give our children many things at Christmas, Oracelmay! I love seeing their faces light up with delight at things they wanted or will enjoy.

      I just dread where to put them all after Christmas!

  • karmaskeeper says:

    I can never decide on Christmas gifts. I bet I change my mind a million times while shopping. My husband is not a big fan of shopping anyway. So Christmas is something he dreads, he usually goes with me.

    He will actually sit in the truck while I shop. That could be a long wait, but he will do it. my kids are grown now. I really miss playing Santa Clause to them. So now they just get money it’s the best gift can’t go wrong there.

    • Your husband is patient to just sit in a truck and wait! Although I can understand not wanting to be in a crowded shopping centre πŸ™‚ I always find the first presents I buy the easiest because I do it by just wondering around and selecting the first suitable things I see. The later gifts are harder because I have tighter goals (ie fewer people left on the list and less time!)

  • Cutter710 says:

    I remember being a young child and not knowing what I was getting for Christmas. My parents didn’t ask me throughout the year what toys I liked. So, come Christmas Eve, I would write out a list of gifts that I’d love to have and be disappointed each and every morning. Sometimes I’d receive a gift and not know why my parents would of got it for me. They ended up returning the gift after realizing that I didn’t know how to use it.

    Asking your child months ahead of time is a lifesaver. I do it now with Jonas, my little one, and my gal and I always find a smile on his face come Christmas morning. It’s a beautiful thing. He never asks what’s for Christmas because he knows it could be one of the many things he’s stated he likes come fall. Keep active with the conversation and you won’t have a disappointed child.

  • jcc481 says:

    Simply ask, but if you know your friend well enough, you should instantly know what they would like- are they a gift card type of person? If you don’t know, take it as a sign that you should spend some more time with them!

    • I like that take on it, jcc – if you don’t know what to get someone, you need to spend more time getting to know them!

      It’s true – the hardest people to buy for are often those we don’t know so well.

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